Friday, September 10, 2010

Crushin' (Alice Post)

A news reporter was on the TV stating all the horrible things going on in the world, but little did she know that there were horrible monstrous things going on in Forks Hospital. The women were crushing on Dr. Carlisle Cullen something terrible and it wasn’t just one or two. Noooo it was all of them. Right down to little old Granny the Lunch Lady. I frowned.

“He has a wife you know.”I said eying the woman who was in all appearances old enough to be my grandmother. Little did she know, I was older than she was. I grinned. “Her name is Esme. “ The woman blinked and sputtered something unintelligible.

“Aw, Alice give her a break, she’s just crushin’ on him. You know like how I sometimes…. Never mind.” Emmett said turning to me and then back to the lady. “She didn’t mean to be rude. Its just that Esme is very sensitive over things like that. I’m sure you understand.”

“Oh of course dears. It must be very hard for her. What with him being so handsome and such an admirable character. I am sure she has competition where ever she goes.” Competition?! I glared at her.

“Carlsile only has eyes for Esme. Believe me; he’s had his chances at plenty of women. There is only one for him. His wife.”I said, narrowing my eyes.

“ALICE!” Em said nudging me a bit. I shrugged.

“It’s true.” I said. He turned back to Granny.

“Alice, she knows its true.” He said turning back to me, than looking back at the lunch lady.” Anyway, we think its great of him too. But what ya got to eat? I’m starving!” Emmett said trying to lighten the conversation. Leave to Emmett to mention food. Well that was what we were here for anyway.

“Well, it’s Wednesday. So we have a Taco Bar---“

“I am totally there. Here’s the 6 bucks. Keep the change. Oh and here’s another dollar. Buy yourself something nice with it. Sorry for having to put up with Shortstack here.” He said tossing her the money and dashing off to the taco bar. Even without the speed of a vampire, Emmett sure was fast. The lady looked at me.

“No harm intended I assure you dear.” She said to me. Umph. I thought. “Perhaps your mother would like to join one of our clubs. Please tell her to call me.” She added handing me a card, which I tucked into my tiny purse. “Now then what would you like to eat?”

“The Grilled cheese please with Tomato soup.” I said politely. Mastering up a sweet smile for her and handing her the total amount due. She took the change and in a few minutes I had a steaming hot bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Emmett of course was already sitting with Carlisle.

“Gee wiz, Dad, these women really are all over you, arent they? We should come for lunch more often. I mean at least with us here they know you are taken.” I grinned sipping on my soup as I sat down.

“What did you say, Alice?” Carlisle asked giving me a suspicious look.

“She told the granny that Esme was your wife and not to forgot about it.” Emmett flashed him a grin.


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