Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family Renioun, spending money I dont have and other things

Location: Bedroom
Music: Zing went the strings of my heart~ Judy Garland
Book: Fanny Hill~ John Cleland
Mood: Awake

The sun is shining, and its a brand new day! yay! Of course on my day off i was up at 6:30am and wide awake. the one bad thing about working first shift is you're always up early even on days off. But at least it gives me extra time to do whatever I want I guess lol.

But anyway, it looks like we may actually be (shock I know I have said this a million times) moving to Alaska in the spring. My dad is taking a load up there as we speak. he is going to drop it off and put it in a storage. Come home, and take another up there. Then we are gonna move in the spring! So this could be it! I can't wait to get out of this boring old state and town. I think it'd be a fun little adventure.

And as everyone can see, I havent really been working on any craft projects the past few days. I do have one I want to finish. I bought some linen a while back and am making a hankie. It will have a pretty lace edging and a monogram I think. We'll see how I feel about that. I just havent had the time to work on it. But today, I plan on hopefully finishing it.

I also havent been baking either :( But I have plans of making some Indian Fry bread. but once again, we'll see how things go.

Other than that, I cant say that much is going on. lol. just work work work! Today I do have a family reunion to go too. Which should be fun. It's at the park and we're going to have all kinds of good yummy food too. But other than that, life is pretty much the same as always lol.

Oh and I did decide to spend money I dont have last night on Amazon. I really need to stay away from Amazon lol. See, I found out that the fourth and third season of Emily of New Moon is out and then I bought a book and yes a parasol that can be an umbrella too. *shakes head* after this, No more spending money for me. No more books. No books lol. We'll see how long this lasts uh?

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