Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full Medames (Anna's Journal Entry # 2)

It had been several weeks since I had thought about Anna Katie Hall and her father Charles Hall. What with all the drama and everything that had happened recently, I had all but forgotten about Anna’s journal. So it was with great surprise, that I found myself, actually able to read a small portion of it.

Petrus was away, hunting. I wished he would bend to Carlisle’s choice of diet. The idea of a small innocent human being hunted down for food, was suddenly unsettling, even though, it had never been before. I supposed I looked on at this aspect of my life as monstrous. And I wanted nothing to do with it. However, with Petrus away, I had a chance to relax, and spend some much needed quite time alone. Especially after spending a rather trying day with little Petra. I didn’t blame the child for being annoyed with her mother for bringing her to Forks. But all the same, she wasn’t going to fit in very well, if she didn’t at least try.

And so it was that I found myself, opening Anna’s journal, to the second entry.

Islamic Cairo, Egypt

April ,1910

After a warm bath scented in oils, and flower petals, we were given fresh clothing, that Aashif somehow managed to get for us. Once we were changed into cooler clothing, we sat outside under the shade eating a warm, fresh meal of Ful Medames. One of my favorite dishes, and I had suspected that Aashif has his wife make it especially for me. Of course the spicy dish, did not sit well with Jesse or Mrs. Oak. But that was to be expected as neither had ever been to Egypt before.

“What I wouldn’t give for fried eggs and bacon right now.”Jesse said through mouthfuls of Ful.

“Jesse!”I said glaring at him. “We are lucky that Aashif has been kind enough to take us all in. Do not---“

“Anna, I am sure the boy didn’t mean anything by it.” My father interrupted me. “Mrs. Oak and Jesse are simply not used to travel, therefore, they cannot be used to foreign foods. We must make allowances for them.”

“Yes, Papa.”I grumbled.

“Anna, it is alright. I can try and cook American food, for them.” Rashida assured me.

“But, Rashida, really, they need too…”

“Mr. Hearter and I are willing to try anything you put in front of us Rashida.” Mrs. Oak insisted, after taking another plate of the Ful. I smiled at her. At least the woman had manners, were Jesse lacked them. “Are we not my dear?” Mrs. Oak asked Jesse, as Rashida gave him another plate as well. Jesse looked ready to throw up.

“Yes, of course. Thank you for your generosity.” Jesse, said, none to happily. We all laughed at him.

“Perhaps, I should add less spices in it next time?” Rashida asked Jesse. “Would that make it more pleasing?”

“Ma’am. I am an American, I prefer, good old, American food. Mashed potatoes, meat and vegetables. But, I will eat anything you put in front of me.” Jesse declared. “Even if I do not like it.”

“Really?” I asked turning to Jesse. “Good then have another plate, and some bread.” I said tearing some bread and putting it on his plate. “We have not had anything decent to eat since we left Washington. You should be grateful to have food.” I added.

Of course the meal continued to go on like this for several more minutes before Rashida and Aashif insisted that we all take a small nap. Despite the fact that we had to get used to the time difference. Rashida said nothing good ever comes from sleepy travelers.


I quietly laid the hundred year old journal down on the sofa, once again trying to remember if Aro had ever mentioned anything at all about supporting an Archeologist. I could not for the life of me seem to recall anything at all being mentioned about this certain exhibition and I wondered if Aro, kept it from everyone. I was certain that Jane and Alec knew about it. Probably Felix and Demetri as well as Caius and Marcus. But why hadn’t I been told? Or had Aro told me about it, and had I simply dismissed it as unimportant? The name Anna Hall, sounded vaguely familiar, but once again, I couldn’t place it. And both Anna as well as Hall were fairly common names, so it was probably only that I had heard the name before some place. I sighed, and leaned back, into the sofa.

I wondered what these archeologists could have been trying to discover that Aro would have felt important enough to back up. It must have been something to do with Vampirism. Otherwise, I doubted very much that he would have cared, but what? What was it that could have been so important? I half wondered if Carlisle knew anything about it.

Then again, Carlisle was in America during this time period. Why would he have known anything at all a Anna Katie Hall and Charles Hall, unless he knew them personality and that seemed highly unlikely. No, I was simply going to have spend more time reading Anna’s journal. After of course, I finished my homework.


A thousand Miles Up the Nile By Amelia B Edwards )

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