Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ipod case and Glee

Music: Kaleidoscope Heart
Book: Blameless~ Gail Carriger
Mood: Awake

I have to say that nothing out of the ordinary happened at work today. Or today for that matter. It was fairly busy at work. But thats good when you are a sever. You want it to be busy so you can make lots of money.

Anyway, as I really do not have much to post in this post, I'll get right down to business. As everyone knows a few months ago, I got an Ipod touch. Of which I broke. But thats another story. And then I got a new one. Well it's refurbished but it's nearly new. Anyway, I had made a case for my ipod touch. But I didnt really like it. So i decided to try again. I am still not competly happy with the outcome. But it works for now.

I am not really sure what I dont like about it. But I just dont like it. I suppose I have always been my worst critique but thats how I learn. Besides practice makes perfect right?

On a happier note; Glee starts again on the 21st yay! Can't wait for that.

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