Thursday, September 23, 2010

(Liverpool, 1855) A hypocrite and a monkey (Alessandra)

“But you're going to go back there, eventually. Aro sent you to see the Exhibition. He expects you to return.”

“I really don't have a choice, now do I?” I said with a sigh. “They have Alec.”

"One way or another, there is always a choice.”

I glared at Carlisle, he had to have known it wasn’t that easy for me to leave the Volturi and just because I was part of the Volturi did not mean I was like them. I tried very hard not to be a monster. I couldn’t help my diet anymore than the next vampire could. Not all of us could drink the blood of animals. But to be able to leave like Carlisle… What I wouldn’t give for that chance. I knew it would never happen. At the most I may be able to prolong missions. But Aro would always expect me to return. And Alec would always knock me senseless. I hated not being in control of my own being. I was my own being after all. No one owned me. Aro may like to think he did, but he really didn’t. It just wasn’t that simple. I just, I wondered if Carlisle could even understand the situation I was in.

“You don’t understand.”I said shaking my head a little disappointed in Carlisle. I should have thought that Carlisle of all people may have had some understanding of my situation. Of me, period. Then again, we barely knew each other. It was strange to think that he lived under the same roof as I did, and we didn’t know each other. However, it wasn’t like I really knew anyone in Volterra, with the expectation of the main set.

“I understand that you are letting Aro rule your life…”

“Carlisle, I don’t have a choice. You have never been owned by someone before. It’s like…. He…”I shook my head if I could feel them, I might have tears in my eyes. “He has me on this blood contract, I don’t know how else to explain it. I’m not apart of the wives, but I’m not part of the guard either. Aro likes to think of me as his long lost sister. He treats me like a pet. Carlisle, I simply have no choice. You are not a woman either. So you simply cannot understand.”

“But just because, I am part of the Volturi does not mean that I am one of them.” I continued looking down gently at Bessie. I wanted to show that I could do something nice to a little human too. Bessie needed someone. I needed someone, so really it worked out nicely. I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to keep her from being turned or eaten for a meal yet. But I was sure I could think of something.

“Yes, but you are still of the Volturi.” Carlisle, would simply not let this matter go. I shook my head sadly.

“You’re such a hypocrite. Always preaching about how there is good in everyone. Yet you have no faith in your own kind. Not all of us are evil, Carlisle.”I said, biting my lip. “Not all of us want to be monsters. But some of us are trapped and caught in something deeper than apparently you cannot understand.”

Just then, before Carlisle even had a chance to respond, a little monkey came running through. He was dressed in strange Arabic clothing, and jumped up into Bessie’s arms, snuggling into her, and chattering away. Holding something that looked very valuable.

“Ata! You naughty Monkey!” An equally strange Arabic man said, coming up to Bessie and holding out his hands. “I told you not to run away like that. Look at the trouble you have gotten me into.” He said turning to a policeman who stood near by glaring at the man. “I am terribly sorry Officer. It wont happen again.” He said smiling up at the officer but not before slipping something in his pocket. It was so fast that only Carlisle myself and perhaps Bessie who was trained at thievery could see.

“Just see that it doesn’t.” The officer said, clearly not wanting to create a scene, as the man handed him whatever it was that the monkey stole.

“It wont. Now will it Ata?” The man asked. The monkey shook his head, chattering away. The officer satisfied, left. Once the officer was out of sight, the monkey pulled out a pearl necklace of its pants, and handed it to the man. “Good little Ata, I knew you would get it for me.” The man said, disappearing into the crowd. I blinked, and watched him go.

“That man was a bad man.” Bessie said. “But his monkey was sure cute.” She added. “Can I have a monkey Alessandra?” She asked suddenly. Oooh no, I could see this going very badly. Animals on a general rule did not like vampires. I was surprised that the monkey even came near us.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” I said.”Monkeys don’t like England. It’s too cold for them.”

“What about Italy? Isn’t it warmer there?”

“Yes but, I think that the monkeys would be better off in a warmer climate. In their home. Don’t you?”

“I suppose.” Bessie said thoughtfully.

“Well, Carlisle it was wonderful to see you again.” I said in English so Bessie could understand. “But really, we have a lot to do today and we should be on our way.” I reached for Bessie’s hand.

“Oh, couldn’t we stay and see the ships leave? Please.” She asked. I shook my head, and looked at Carlisle, then down at Bessie. I really felt annoyed with Carlisle, and had felt that my visiting time was not appreciated the way it should have been. I felt that it was time to go, but the child was so enduring. So finally I gave in and nodded my head. “Yay!” She squealed and clapped her hands.

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