Friday, September 24, 2010

(Seattle) In the Car (Alice)

“Getting cozy?”I asked peeking my head out from behind my seat and laughed when Em hit his head on the ceiling.

“Ouch! Alice, what was that for!?”

“Because I can. I am your sister. That is what sisters do. Bug their brothers.” I said turning around and squeezing Jazz’s arm. Jasper laughed, and looked in the rear view mirror at Em.

“What’s the matter Em? Letting a girl get to ya?”

“Alice isnt any girl.”

“That is true.” I said laughing. “So what we gonna buy Esme for her birthday?” I asked peeping back around the corner of my seat and spying on Rose and Em kissing.

“Alice!” Rose complained.

“What, its not like we haven’t seen you two do everything under the sun in the past fifty something years.” I smirked. “Well, what are we gonna buy?”

“I know what am I getting. So I don’t care what you guys buy.” Em said pulling a coat up and hiding him and Rose from sight. I giggled and pulled it down.

“ALICE!” Emmett said annoyed.

“Give if it a rest Alice.” Rose said and sat up straight, then petted her hair down. I grinned and turned back around in my seat.



“What are you getting Esme?”

“Not telling.”

“Aw come on.”


“Jasper!” I whined, why was everyone picking on me now that I couldn’t see the future the way I used to be able too. If I had been able to see the future, I’d know what everyone was getting, so that way, I wouldn’t get the same thing.

“Alice, for once, you should relish the fact that you’re semi normal.” Jasper said with a grin.

“Semi?” I grinned back at him. “I’m hardly normal, Jasper. None of us are.” I laughed. Then leaned back in my seat. What was I going to get Esme in Seattle for her birthday? I wondered staring as the trees flashed by us. Um, there were lots of antique stores in Seattle. Esme loved Antiques. There was also lots of clothing stores. Esme liked clothing. I could get her a new cooking tool. But then, we were all turning back soon. So she wouldn’t get much used outta that present. And I wanted my present to be special. It was after all, probably the only birthday she would ever really get to celebrate. Unless by some miracle, Carlisle figured out how to turn us human permanently.

“Wow, Alice is actually quiet--- OUCH! Rose!” Emmett said, as we finally pulled into Seattle.

“Leave her alone Em, she’s thinking.” Rose grinned at me. I giggled, and looked at Jazz.

“Let’s go get Esme’s birthday presents first and then my car?”I asked. “And can we eat, cause I’m getting hungry.” I added.

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