Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shoes on Wheels (Alessandra)

Somehow, Petrus had managed to clear everything out of the barn, without my knowledge to reveal, a cement floor. A very smooth one, considering how no one had been in the barn since the floor had been done. It was raining outside, and as the barn had not been redone, tiny driblets appeared on the cement in various places, making that part slippery and shiny like a new penny.

In one corner of the barn, Petrus had managed to also set up his music system. Including his drums, Ipod dock, computer and other things. In the other, was a small stack of something? I wasn’t sure. They looked like a shoe, with wheels on them? I crossed my arms. Wondering what Petrus wanted me to do and why we were in the barn of all places.

Music, a song I didn’t recognize began to flow out of the ipod dock, as Petrus dragged me over to the strange shoes.

“What are those?”I asked pointing to the shoes.

“These?”Petrus asked picking the pair of neon pink shoes up. I nodded. “You’ve never rollerbladed before?”

“Roller what?”I asked, much to Petrus’ surprised. I supposed this was something all the humans were doing these days. I never kept up on the trends unless it was clothing.

“Rollerblade.” Petrus repeated very slowly as if I was a child which just annoyed me.

“I’m not stupid. I heard you the first time.”I snapped.

“It’s just that most people know what rollerblades are.”

“Yes well, most people aren’t… Oh never mind. So what are they?”I asked reaching for a neon shoe--- rollerblade.

“They’re rollerblades. See?” He asked strapping a pair of blue rollerblades on and then, gliding across the floor, to the beat of the song on the ipod dock. He moved like he would have had been dancing. Doing moves, I could never hope to do. And I had once prided myself on my dance moves, of course that was a long time ago. Petrus swung around the room, doing a jump and landing flat on the wheels, swinging around, he grabbed a hold of me, sat me on the floor and pulled my tennis shoes off my feet.

“Oh, no.”I said staring as Petrus began to strap the rollerblades onto my feet.”No, no, no. I am not wearing these. No, Petrus. You are going to make me---“ Before I could finish my sentence, Petrus pulled me up onto my feet, and began to move with me, back and forth, down to the ground, and around the room . He stopped and did some strange move. Moving slowly and stiffly, then grabbed my hands, and dragged me around and around in circles. Finally, when the song ended he let me go, and I slid right into the wall. Crashing into it, and falling to the ground. I knew this was going to happen.

I sat down with a loud bang, and glared at Petrus.

“What?” He asked coming down to help me up, however, I sat stubbornly on the ground.

“I am not making a fool out of myself.”I said still glaring at him. He laughed.

“Alessandra, you aren’t making a fool of yourself. You need to loosen up. You know, learn how to enjoy life and have some fun?”

“I haven’t enjoyed life in two thousand years.” I snapped. Well, it was true, I hadn’t enjoyed life. I had never had a reason too. Except perhaps when Bessie was around but that was a long time ago. However, since I had discovered Petrus, even I had to admit that life was a bit more enjoyable. I looked up at Petrus who looked slightly hurt and I sighed, biting my lip. “I didn’t mean it like that.”I said quietly.

“You need to stop being a bitch.”Petrus said firmly, and helped me up. I frowned. Why did everyone say that? I hadn’t always been a bitch, had I? I grimaced. Then sighed. He was probably right. I wobbled slightly as I stood there staring at him.

“Fun.” He whispered gently brushing the hair out of my face. “You can do it. I know you used to have fun once.” I blinked. Was he slowly starting to remember anything? If he read my thoughts, he didn’t show it. Instead, once again, he took hold of my hands.

“Like this. Good. See, you’re slowly getting the hang of it. Now, I am gonna let you go, and just glide to the other side of the wall, okay?” He let go of my hands and suddenly, I was gliding, but I couldn’t stop, I started going faster, and faster, and started to panic. I never did like it when I wasn’t in control of myself or what was happening around me.

“I can’t stop!” I yelled, and before I knew what was happening, objects started flying from the corner of the room, to block my path, but they didn’t go directly in my path as I had wanted. So I kept trying to go around them, instead, I just made things worst and ended up hammering myself into the wall. Panting, I fell down, and looked up, to see a nice little dent, where I had hit the wall.

Petrus of course was at my side in less than two seconds.

“Are you alright?” I peered up at him sheepishly and nodded. I had just made a fool out of myself, because I panicked. I looked around the barn and sighed. It was a mess because of my carelessness. Oh well, what was easily done, would be easily undone.

Petrus helped me stand up and this time, didn’t let go of me.

“Maybe we should do this again later? I think you’ve had enough for one night. Look at you?” He said gently brushing the dirt off my clothes. I smiled at him.

“No, I think I want to try again.” I just knew I could do it the second time. He sighed, and slowly twirled me around. He let go, and this time, I managed to glide around the objects, concentrating hard on my balance and speed, but I was concentrating so hard that I didn’t see the speaker I had thrown in my path earlier and ended up toppling over it. “Okay, I think I am done now Petrus.”I shouted from behind the speaker. He laughed and helped me back up.

“That’s what I thought.” He said kissing me.

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