Sunday, September 12, 2010

(Some place in Montana) A dear old friend (Desiree)

“If it aint the booger, baby- doll, Desiree LaFosse in the US? I never thought I’d see that day!” A familiar deep, gruffly voice said from some place behind me. I turned around, to see none other than a very tall, and rather muscular built man in his late 20s. A man I knew well, from his brown leather coat, and cowboy hat to be none other than Lucas Butterfield. A solider I meant once during World War II. A soldier who had become a vampire, unwillingly of course. Most of us didn’t have a choice in the matter.
“LUKE!”I all but squealed in delight and threw my arms around his cold body. He laughed, returning the hug.

“What brings you to the US? I thought that you said you would---“

“Never leave England.”I finished for him and laughed. I had once said that there was no place like England and I had no desire to leave it. However, given recent events and all. England had become a rather boring place. It was so much more fun back in the day. Besides, it was high time I visited the rest of the world.

“So?” Luke inquired.

“Oh, it was getting ever so lonely and boring in England. I thought I’d come to the US besides, I wanted to see Alice---“I stopped. I had promised I wouldn’t tell anyone else about the antidote as the Cullens called it, and it wouldn’t do to break that promise. Even if Luke was a dear old friend. And Perhaps just a little closer than a friend.


“Alice Cullen?”

“Ah. The little pixie who can see the future? Part of the Cullen clan up in Washington?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“I’ve heard of them. I didn’t know you were friends with the bunch though.”

“I meant Alice before she became a Cullen.”I grinned. “In England.”

“Are they really?”

“Vegetarian? Yes.”I shook my head. Alice had always been a bit strange, but that was what had made her so much fun to be around. “But they’re my friends never the less. So what are you doing here? I thought you didn’t like dark clubs like this.” I said smiling at him. Luke had always said that the clubs today where full of nothing but bad news. At least this club was a small one to say the least. I was actually surprised to find one in Montana at all. There wasn’t much too the state but grass and cows.

“The usual.” He stated. The usual being, surfing around for a snack and a bit of fun. “These clubs that the kids have now a days are so boring compared to ours. A lot of drugs, and gangs, and prostitutes.” I nodded.

“Then again, we had the same in ours.”

“True enough. So, what are your plans for the evening? Next couple of days?” Luke asked, now drawing me closer to him. Um. He always had that tingling effect on me, and he was probably one of the few men in the world, that I could really--- I cut myself away from that thought. No, I would never be anyone’s... At least not for long. The best thing about Luke was that he knew that.

“I’m as free as a bird the next few days. Would you like too….” He ran a hand up my leg, and rested it on my thigh, hoisting me up closer to him.

“---let’s get a hotel room.” He said, his eyes full of a hunger that only I could quench. He leaned in and pressed his sweet lips to mine, then after several minutes of breathless passion, released me.

“Hotel room?” I managed to croak. Only Luke affected me like that. He grinned and lifted me up into his arms.

“Hotel room.” He stated.

(40s slang terms;
Booger~ Brat
Baby Doll~ Female
Bad News~ Trouble


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