Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whining (Alice Post)

Between tiny bites of the grilled cheese sandwich which was, satisfactory but not as good as something Esme would make, I mimicked Carlisle, rather childishly yes. But I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t my fault I was born with a talent that just took full force when I had been turned into a vampire now was it? I glared at my father.

“It is terribly mean of you not to tell me.”I pouted. Carlisle’s eyes danced in responds. It was then, when I looked at him that the nurse named Nancy, googled eyed my father. So, I glared at her from in front of my father. Then I went back to glaring at Carlisle. If it was not for this antidote stuff… I sighed.

“He’s got that look on his face.” Emmett announced taco flying out of mouth and onto his plate.

“What look?”I asked perplexed. Carlisle didn’t have a look on his face that I knew of. The person in question, smirked slightly.

“That look that says you could try and kill me and I still wouldn’t tell you.” Emmett continued, and then dashed off for another plate of taco. I frowned.

“Aw but what if she doesn’t like the present---“

“Esme will love it.” Carlisle insisted.

“Let’s face it dad, you don’t have the best tastes in the world.” I said trying to convince him to tell me what he was going to buy for my mother. In truth, Carlisle’s tastes were just fine. And he knew that of course. It was really more of Emmett who needed help with the women thing.

“I think, given the fact that we’ve been married for so long, that I have a pretty good idea of what my wife likes and what she does not like.” Carlisle responded, that twinkle still in his eye. I pouted.

“All done!” Emmett announced sitting back in his chair, and patting his stomach, looking very satisfied. I laughed and nudged him. Of course he was done before I was. And he had eaten more than I had. I grinned at Carlisle. If he wasn’t going to tell me about Esme’s present then I wasn’t going to tell him what I was going to help her pick out to wear. Two could play the game.

“Well, Em, we should probably get home. I have to help Esme plan on what to wear for her birthday party.” Carlisle raised an eyebrow but didn’t take my bait. I pouted.

“Aw, Dad…”I wined. He laughed.

“Surprises are good.” He said again and I rolled my eyes. “Thanks for coming to see me for lunch.” He added once we all stood up, and kissed me on top the head then, hugged Emmett. We grinned at him after dropping our lunch trays onto their spot.

“We’re gonna have to come back.”I said smiling.

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