Monday, September 6, 2010

(Whitechapel, London~ 1855) Help, please! (Alessandra)

“This is where you live?” The child asked sleepily, finally waking up. She stepped out from under the blankets. She had fallen asleep half way home.

“No, this is where I am staying.”I smiled. My trunk was already packed of course, and I had hired a buggy to take us up town London. I hadn’t planned on seeing Dr. Cullen again so soon. But what was I going to do with a child? I had not the slightest notion on how to care for one, much less feed one, or clothe one or what to do with a little girl. The last child I had been around was my little sister. Of course I remembered how she acted, what needed to be done around her. But my sister had lived two thousand years ago and I was certain that children must act differently now. For one, this child had lived in the streets her whole life and my sister, had been a pampered spoiled brat.

“Are you leaving so soon?” Bessie asked noticing the trunk packed. I nodded, taking hold of my cloak, parasol, gloves and reticule.

“We’re leaving. “

“For Italy?”

“No. We’re going to find better logging. But first, we must get something in you.”I said frowning, as I realized that the child still had nothing to wear but what she had come with. Well, it would have to do. “Then, we are going to see a friend of mine. He’s a great doctor.”I said watching Bessie, pull her sad little coat on.

“A doctor?” She asked.

“Um.” I said turning to walk towards the door. Carrying my trunk.

“Is he a nice Doctor? I don’ like doctors. They’re evil.” I stopped walking towards the door, turned around and came down once again to Bessie’s height.
“This one, is my… is my…”I frowned. What was Carlisle? Certainly not my friend. I hadn’t a friend in the world. Not anyone I considered my friend anyway. “He’s an acquaintance of mine. And believe me, he is far from evil. I have seen evil. It isn’t Dr. Cullen.”

“You’ve seen evil?”

“Yes.”I said an image of Aro floating in to view. I shoved it away, shuddering.

“What does it look like?”I shook my head. “Alright then, I ‘suppose I’ll find out one day.” Bessie said.”Aint that heavy?”

“What this? No.”I said hoisting up the trunk as I stood up.


Several men carrying large wooden crates out of a building nearly knocked me over, as I stood at the edge of the steps holding onto Bessie’s small hand.

“ Ey watch it there Miss!” One of them shouted at me most rudely as he loaded a large crate into a wagon.

“And this is how you treat a respectable lady?” Bessie yelled crossing her arms and looking so stern and cute, I had to stifle a chuckle. The poor dear was trying to stand up for me. How adorable.

“Excuse me, but is Dr. Cullen home?” I asked deciding to get down to business as the gentleman began to walk back up the stairs.

“Yes he is. Up the stairs, down the hall. Third Door.” The man answered somewhat annoyed.

“To treat a lady so.” Bessie muttered. “They should be ashamed.”

“I’ve been treated worse.”I said gently, taking the child’s hand and wandering up into the house, I assumed was Carlisle’s.

I found him, wearing the latest fashion of course, standing in the middle of a room, foreseeing the men moving crates.

“Dr. Cullen.”I said quietly, knowing he had most likely known I was here before I entered the room.

“Alessandra! What a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t---“ He began then noticed Bessie. “What are you doing with a child?!” He asked shocked.

“I ran into her in Whitechapel, I couldn’t very well leave her on the street. She has no one to look after her, and the poor thing is starved. Carlisle, I do not know a thing about children.” I said in a rush of ancient Latin, I knew he understood but Bessie wouldn’t. . Bessie cocked her head to one side, and then began wondering about the nearly empty room.

“Wow, you sure have a big house. It’s bigger ‘n all of Whitechapel.” Bessie commented turning around and staring about the room.

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