Thursday, September 2, 2010

(Whitechapel, London~ 1855) An interesting encounter (Alessandra)

There was only one time when I lived in such unnatural conditions, and even that was only for a few days until I was brought to Aro, which was nearly two thousand years ago. But that certainly could not compare to the terrible living conditions in Whitechapel. Why had I ever agreed to this was beyond me. I a Sismondi, living like a…. like a servant? No, a street urchin was just unthinkable. But this is what I had to do to get away from Volterra for a little while. Besides, it wasn’t like I didn’t have enough to go rent out a nice hotel in one of London’s wealthier neighborhoods. I simply thought that staying in London’s worst district would be easier for me, a vampire to go unnoticed. And certainly it was. Just not up to my living standards.

I gingerly made my way down a back stairwell, and into a dark alley in the back of a noisy, crowded street. Music could be heard from the inn I was staying at as some show was being put on. A crashing noise came as some poor man landed up against a window and fell through. I sucked in my breath, waiting for the blood, but it never came. How he could crash through a window unharmed was beyond me. But I decided it best to leave the scene.

Concentrating hard, on my breathing so I wouldn’t attack anyone outright, I moved around broken pieces of glass, rats, slime and gods knew what else. I somehow managed to make my way near the opening of the alley. But I was suddenly stopped by a large hand, throwing me up against the wall of the filthy building next to the inn I was staying at. The hand was human, and how that human had taken be my surprise… I sighed. I could smell whiskey on the man’s terrible breath. He smelled worst than a dead fish did.

“Look it here gentlemen.” He said in a thick British accent I had a hard time deciphering.

“A Lady and all alone. Look at that rich taffeta silk, dress. Bet it would fetch a fortune.”

“Bet she would fetch a good deal of money.” Another one said. I glared at them. Then stopped, it wouldn’t do to make a scene. No, Aro wouldn’t like that, but I had to defend myself didn’t I? No, there were far too many witnesses. Mercury’s nuts! I thought frustrated as the man began to roughly run his hands on my silk dress. He had yet to touch my skin. I quietly decided to take action. However, before I could do anything, the man began to undo my dark velvet mantel. With, how do I say expert hands? Was he really going to undress me in the middle of a street?! How vulgar!

“Hold her gentlemen!” He said, shoving me farther up against the wall if that was at all possible. I sighed. I certainly, could not have these strange men stripped me naked in a street simply because of Aro’s rules. And I was certain, Aro would not want me to expose myself to them naked, much less let them take full advantage of me. So instead, I grabbed a hold of the man’s muscular wrist.

“I wouldn’t try that if I were you.”I hissed, my burgundy eyes, now dangerously showing in the dimmed light coming from the inn. The man gasped, and then pathetically whimpered. Recovering his shock, he tried to struggle. I shook my head, and threw him towards the back of the alley, easily tossing the other two men off me. Suddenly, just as I was going in for a kill, a tasty midnight snack, two innocent by passers, happen to stumble out of the same door, I had used previously to enter the alley. I sighed.

Killing the three men would have to wait until later. Damn! I thought, and quickly slipped into the shadows before the two new comers could see me. The men, noticing I was gone, or thinking I was gone, scrambled to their feet, and whimpering, fled the alley. That would teach them to pick on a poor defenseless woman alone. I thought happily. If they tried to attack me again, next time, I wouldn’t be so kind, nor would fate. It was never kind twice. I of all people knew that. I licked my lips desperately wishing I could have had those three men for a snack, despite their stinky, vulgar smell.

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