Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back home again (Alessandra)

“Why you wanted to come back to this boring hell hole is beyond me.” Petrus muttered dropping his luggage onto my tiled floor and turning around to take in his new surroundings. He had never been inside my chambers. In fact, very few had. “We were perfectly fine in Forks.” He added turning back to face me. A look of perplex on his handsome face. I knew what he was thinking. Boy she really does keep her past close to her. But these rooms were and are my sanctuary away from the Volturi. It’s the closets to home that I would ever have. By decorating my rooms to look the way my parents Villa had, I had managed to retain that small, if not precious amount of humanity that was still inside me. That part of humanity that would not let me become a monster.

I shuddered as an image of Victoria, her flaming red hair, twisted with leaves and filthy passed by. No, I was never going to be that monster.

“Alessandra? Are you sure you want to do this? I know how much you hate it here.” Petrus asked while I unzipped my suitcase.
“I told you, I am only here because I need Aro’s permission to go to Egypt and start where Anna Hall left off. There was obviously a reason why the group was killed before whatever it was, that they found, was discovered.” I explained.

“I still don’t see why we didn’t just go to Egypt first and then come back to Volterra.”

“You can be so dense sometimes.”I said shaking my head. Did I have to explain everything? “If and I do mean if I found whatever it was that Anna and her team were looking for and Aro found out, he would have a fit that I didn’t tell him in the first place. Plus, I need his money.” I added matter of factly.

“I thought you had your own money?”

“Naturally, I do, but its really Aro’s money. I have invested it of course but I still need Aro’s permission to do this. It is never a good thing to take on things this big without the Volturi’s knowledge. Besides, Aro would only have Alec and Jane come after us and drag us back to Volterra.” I reasoned. “And believe me, no one wants that.” Petrus shuddered, most likely remembering when Jane used her powers on him for the first time.

“You did tell Carlisle about this right?”

“I called him before I left.” I said. Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming down the hall, the door creaking open and I swung around to find Sully sweeping into my chambers.

“My dear Alessandra---“ Sully began but suddenly stopped dead in her tracks she took one good look at the color of my eyes and stepped backwards. “Why I do believe our dear St. Carlisle has gotten his claws on you hasn’t he?” She asked. Petrus smirked, and I shook my head.

I wasn’t in the mood to explain to Sully or the Volturi for that matter why I had chosen to go with Carlisle’s diet instead of our own. They simply would not understand any more than they understood Carlisle period.

“Enough with that, I’ve missed you, the least you could have done was call. Oh who’s this?” Sully said suddenly noticing Petrus for the first time. “His he yours? Did you finally… My, what a nice catch he is too.” She added examining Petrus the way only Sully could. Petrus cleared his throat.

“It’s a complement.” I smirked quietly to him. He nodded and kissed me.

“And you’ve trained him well!” Sully said excitedly. “My dear we simply must catch up but first Aro would like to speak to you. And you know Aro.” She swung around and swept out of the room expecting us to follow her. I sighed. Not even home for a half hour and already summoned.

( I must thank Sully and Aro for the help in this post!)

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