Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Emse's Breakfast (Alice)

I couldn’t sleep during the night for anything. I had tried even taking medicine. Of course I had known the medicine wouldn’t work. If my blood was slowly becoming venom again, nothing would penetrate it. But I had at least wanted to give it a try. So while Jazz, Edward and Carlisle had been hunting, I had been preparing the house for Esme’s party. Very quietly of course, listening to my ipod so as not to wake the others. They needed to sleep while they could. I had hoped that I would have another vision only this vision would be of Esme’s party. I wanted to know what colors to choose and if she would like the gift I had bought for her. Of course, I didn’t have a vision which frustrated me as much as not being able to sleep frustrated me.

So by the time Carlisle woke Esme up, I had everything ready and was already sitting at the counter in the kitchen watching Emmett and Rosalie making breakfast. I had my laptop in front of me and colorful bag I had made out of tiny pieces of gift wrapping all glued together to make one big bag with Esme’s neatly wrapped inside, beside me. Next to me was the latest issue of Vogue. And in front of me was a plate full of raw sausages and eggs. I loathed the idea of eating raw meat. But Carlisle had said it was the only thing I would be able to eat and taste. I supposed it was my body slowly craving the blood. I was very sad that I wouldn’t get a chance to taste Esme’s birthday cake.

“How are you feeling this morning Alice?” Carlisle asked coming down the stairs with Esme. I looked up from my laptop and smiled.

“Fine. I know I should be tired, but I’m not tired in the least. It’s weird, because I didn’t sleep a wink. Don’t worry though. I didn’t have a vision of the party or anyone’s presents.” I said sticking my tongue out. I was not going to miss not being able to have visions. Carlisle laughed.

“Are you cooking in my kitchen Emmett Cullen?” Esme asked sitting down at the table, and allowing Carlisle to gently push her chair in for her.

“Only making breakfast Mom.” Emmett said.

“Besides, I’m helping. I do remember a thing or two.” Rosalie said popping the toast out of the toaster, slapping some butter on it, then passing the plate to Esme.

“Impressive.” Esme said with a smile taking a bite. “Just make sure you clean my kitchen when you’re done.”

“Mom.” Emmett said sitting down himself next to Rosalie.

“Esme?”I asked putting my laptop away.

“Yes darling?” She said, giving me her full attention.

“Today is your birthday, and I am going to give you a makeover.” I said happily pulling out my magazine. Esme smiled but frowned a little bit.

“Alright, just don’t touch my curls.” She said flouncing her hair back, making everyone laugh.


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