Sunday, October 3, 2010

Enlisting Help (Catarina)

“Blazi?” Catarina whispered as soon as she rounded a corridor deep inside the castle. “Blazi, you nimrod I know you are there!”She hissed again, and then swung her hand out into the blackness, and sure enough, she found Blazi’s tattered cloak.

“Ouch!”He squealed as she pulled him close towards her. “THAT HURT!”

“Well if you had shown yourself, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt now would you?” Catarina asked. She did not feel sorry for her friend in the least.  Blazi, wasn’t much of a man much less a boy he was everything in between. As scrawny as she was, and a bit smaller perhaps. The two had been friends since they could walk and had tumbled into one another. He had only recently started to grow facial hair and it looked insanely funny on him. His dirty blond hair was in tangles and in desperate need of a haircut. But he was one of the few friends Catarina had who was not an animal. So she treasured her friendship with the odd rift raff regardless.

“You told me not to let anyone see me. So I figured you meant that you didn’t want me to be seen by anyone not even you.” Was all Blazi could mutter as Catarina still held his tunic in her hands. She let him go, and sighed.

“No, I just said not to let anyone see you. That didn’t mean me too.”She should have known that Blazi would have thought this. He was one of the smartest people she knew, yet sometimes he could be very dense. “If I can’t see you then how are we supposed to find out anything together?”

“Find out what?” A small, petit girl who could easily past for Blazi’s sister asked rounding the corner.

“You aren’t very good at keeping secrets are you?” Catarina glared at Blazi who sheepishly looked at her.

“Catarina, how long have you known my brother?” The girl asked.

“Point taken.” Catarina said.

“You didn’t tell anyone else did you Blazi?” Catarina asked her friend who now looked like he wanted to melt into the cold, stone floor.

“No, I made sure he didn’t. I knew that once he told me it was probably going to be all over.” His sister said slapping the back of his head. Blazi could sometimes keep a secret, but only when he felt like it. Apparently, he hadn’t felt that this was a big secret. “Really, Catarina you shouldn’t have told him.”

“I had too. He’s resourceful and smart. Most of the time”

“No, I am the smart one, he is the resourceful one.” Blazi’s sister said with a proud smile.

“Alright. So what are we looking for anyway?” Blazi asked finally gathering up his courage and dared to speak.

“You didn’t tell him” Blazi’s sister asked Catarina.

“Naturally, I didn’t. I’m not that stupid. I only told him we were going to find something out and not to tell anyone or let anyone see him until, I found him.” Catarina responded to Blazi’s sister then, turned to her friend. “We are going to try and find all the gossip there is to find in this vastly large court of our King.” Catarina said rather proud of the quest her father had sent her on.

“Why? We know most of it all ready.” Blazi had the nerve to say. His sister rolled her eyes.

“Because… My father asked me too. And I decided to be nice enough to enlist your help and Saura’s I need resourceful and smart people. Not stupid ones.” Catarina answered slapping Blazi on the head in the same way his sister had.

“I’m not stupid.” Blazi snapped then crossed his arms and glared at Catarina. “Just slow, because I am thinking. Resourceful people always think first.”

“So you were thinking about why you had to hide from me and not show yourself is that it?”

“Oh give it a rest.” Saura said to Catarina. “We won’t find out anything if we just stand here. Come on.” She dragged both her brother and Catarina down the hallway into the darkness.

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