Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fire alarms (Anna's 3rd Journal entry) (Alessandra)

Islamic Cairo, Egypt

April, 1910

Papa says that the best way to go about this is to be secretive. I told him I hated the idea of keeping secrets from our friends especially Jesse. But I understood why he felt this way. Aro, and the Volturi themselves were not people that normal humans should be made aware of. This had also been something Aro had instructed. In fact, Papa and I were lucky to even be alive, knowing as much about vampires as we did. I suspected that the only reason why Aro kept us alive was to find the Temple of Sekhmet. Though once we did find it, I was loath to think of what would happen. Most likely, we would all be dead. But, I would know how vampires came into existence. And the Sekhmet’s Temple would be found with Aro’s amounts of money that he slipped into my father’s pocket. That is if we lived through this adventure. I had heard several stories of Archeologist disappearing inside the Temple of the Gods.

The priest made it nearly impossible for these temples to be explored. I had always wondered if this was because they feared death itself or that they feared grave robbers. I wondered if these priests knew that thousands of years after their temples flourished we would be searching the ruins of them for answers and meant to keep us out. Many people believed that was meant to be kept a secret should be kept a secret. However, Archeologist made their living on finding these secrets.

“So were exactly are we going?”Jesse asked me while we made our way through one of Cairo’s dusty streets gathering supplies.

“Memphis.” I said.

“Isn’t Memphis a ghost town?” I laughed. Ghost town.

“You could say that.”I said.

“Well, no one lives there.”

“So we think.”

“Right. Vampires.”

“I’m not saying that Vampires do live in Memphis. We simply believe that Vampires may have come from Memphis.”

“And you believe they’re real? These Vampires? Like Dracula?”

“Something like that.”

“You’ve meant one haven’t you?” Jesse asked stopping me by taking hold of my arm. He turned me to face him and I frowned.

“Why would you think something like that?”

“By the way you are talking. Like you know them.”

“Jesse, I have no idea what you are talking about.” I said remembering Aro’s code of secrecy, and that I was lucky to have come out of Volterra alive. I was not going to mess this up. I knew they were watching. “But yes, Papa and I believe that the answer to how vampires came into the world lies in Memphis with the Goddess Sekhmet.” I added trying to change the subject.

“That makes sense. She was the war Goddess right?”Jesse it seemed was easily distracted.

“Most likely still is. Remember we are not in America any longer but in Egypt. Where the old Gods are very much alive. ”I said picking up a necklace with a carving of a scarab. I paid the merchant for the necklace and put it on. Perhaps the tiny creature would protect me. I knew it was strange to think this way. But a little extra help couldn’t hurt even if it was from a scarab. Besides if Vampires were real who was to say that the Gods and other things weren’t?

“Good point. Anna?”


“Do you think we’ll find it? The temple?”

“I hope so.” I responded.

Papa was defiantly right. We needed to keep as much of our true reasoning for finding the Temple of Sekhmet a secret. What I had told Jesse was far too much as it was. The others vaguely knew that we were looking for a link between the Goddess Sekhmet and the Vampires. They did not however know that vampires were real. And most likely thought we were on a fool’s errand. Glancing in the shadows I thought I saw a quick movement and shuddered. No, my friends did not need to know about the Volturi.

“Alessandra?” I heard someone call from behind me. Taking me out of Anna’s journal and back into the present.

“Alessandra, shouldn’t you be in class?” The annoying human voice asked, and I finally put Anna’s journal down to see my history teacher standing before me. Who was she to tell me I should be in class? I was quite a bit older than she was and from a royal family with far more influence than she could possibly image. And as much as I wanted to say this, I bit my tongue.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Payne.” I said. A pain she certainly was. “I suppose I simply got too caught up in the journal I was reading.”

“May I?” She asked, holding out her hand. I frowned. To say no, would imply that I was reading a journal I shouldn’t be reading. To say yes would reveal the Volturi and worse, Aro. However, Aro wouldn’t know I let this woman read Anna’s journal for some time.

“It’s very old. I found it in the farm house my uncle bought. It’s rather dull. I’m sure you will not find it interesting.”I said

“My Dear, I am well able to handle old things.” I sighed and closed my eyes, handing the annoying woman the journal. Here goes. I thought none too happily.

“Papa says that we should---“ Before Mrs. Payne could finish reading the sentence, an idea struck me, and the lights suddenly went out. A fire alarm sounded and a book right above Mrs. Payne flew off the shelf and onto the floor making the woman jump out of her skin and drop Anna’s journal.

“Good lord.” Mrs. Payne whispered. I scooped Anna’s journal up looking as innocent as I Vestia of the Sismondi, Priestess of Vesta possibly could, and tried not to smirk. Being Telekinetic had its uses.

“Mrs. Payne. I must ask you and the young lady to leave the building. You know the rules.” Came the Liberian’s stern voice behind Mrs. Payne who was still staring at the fall book.

“Yes of course. Alessandra.” Mrs. Payne said motioning for me to follow her. If she had read father than the first few lines, I had no idea. But at least, I could hope, the Volturi where safe from her.

As we exited the building I began to wonder why Anna and her father never found the Temple they had been searching for. It was obvious that they didn’t find the temple as it was one of the few that had yet to be found. Did Aro kill them off? If he did it wouldn’t have surprised me. Was there really a link to Vampires and Sekhmet? And why couldn’t I remember any of this? Where was I in 1910? I frowned trying to think a hundred years back and found that even though I had vampire memory again, that I simply couldn’t remember where I had been. I knew I would think of it eventually.

“Weird about the fire alarm uh?” Mike Newton asked coming up behind me once we were all outside. I shrugged. They didn’t need to know that technically I had pulled it.

“I thought these things happened all the time in America?” I asked. “Kids pulling alarms as pranks.”

“Yeah it happens; it just hasn’t for a long time.” Mike answered. I nodded absent minded hardly paying any attention to poor Mike who continued to babble about a football game he wanted to see. But I was hardly listening. I made mental note to call Carlisle. I wondered if by chance he knew anything about this. I doubted that he did, considering how Carlisle had been in America during this time and far removed from Volterra. But maybe Aro spoke to him about the Halls. And it certainly wasn’t going to hurt to ask him.

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