Friday, October 8, 2010

Google, a researcher's best friend (Alessandra)

According to Google, what did I ever do before Google came around; Sekhmet was not a Goddess one wanted to meet up with. She was a Goddess of war, bloodlust and a bringer of disease yet at the same time she provided the cure for these same diseases. She was envisioned as a fierce lioness. She was cruel. Even the Gods had to trick her to get her to stop spilling blood. So it made perfect sense for the Halls and my beloved Aro, to think that perhaps Sekhmet was a vampire. Perhaps the first vampire to walk earth. Egypt, after all was far older than even Greece was. But the question was, were to begin?

Wikipedia, though I loathed going by anything wikipedia said, stated that Sekhmet’s temple had not been found yet. This meant that the Halls failed in their attempt to find it, or they found it and were killed before they could excavate it. Which also made sense. I half wondered if Aro had them killed. Though this seemed unlikely. He would not have killed them until after they found what he wanted them too. And I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps he’d let me finish their job. They had to have had clues, that lead them to Memphis as that was where Sekhmet’s temple had been relocated.

Being a priestess of an ancient religion and an archaeologist myself, who was better equipped than I to find it?  Just image what treasures I could find in such an ancient temple. Not to mention the fact that I myself was a vampire, therefore immune to any booby traps I might find. Yes, I could do this. I’d take Petrus with me.  It would also give me an excuse to leave Forks which was getting insanely boring for me.

How Carlisle had managed to live here for years was beyond me. I supposed if I wanted to settle down in the human world that this small lumbering town would be a perfect spot. But I had so many things I wanted to do. I wanted to see the world. To explore it, I wanted to find myself. Find out who I was and if I found out how vampires came into the creation theory, I could lord it over Aro for the next thousand years and completely annoy him over it. Yep, I had made up mind. I was going to Egypt. But first, I had to talk to Carlisle. Just to get his theories on the matter.

I respected Dr. Cullen far too much to simply leave without telling him. And there was the matter of the High School. Thank you Vesta for not letting me go through a whole year of High School. Though I did feel bad for leaving the few human friends I had made. But they were just humans; small little specks in my life that would have eventually fade away anyway. It wasn’t to say that I didn’t appreciate them.  These were simply the facts. Like my little Betsy, they would eventually become nothing more than a memory.

I turned around in my chair at the library inside Forks High School, once again I had stolen away to it, why I didn’t just skip was beyond me.

“Alessandra, why am I not surprised to see you here.” Mrs. Payne said, the infuriating woman approaching me. I scowled silently.

“Mrs. Payne.” I said sweetly. “Surely you don’t condemn a little research.” I asked. She frowned.

“It depends… Ah I had no idea you were interested Ancient Egypt.”

“I am interested in many things.” I said I had of course forgotten to shut down the websites I had been on. I swiveled around in my chair and quickly shut the website off.

“Like?” My teacher asked.

“History. My uncle could tell you that I have spent many nights simply researching.”

“And what do you research?” I frowned; this woman really was annoying wasn’t she? Just then, as if knowing I need a rescue agent, the bell rang. The term ‘saved by the bell’ had never meant much to me until then. Least of all I accidentally tell her what I was really researching.

“Well, Mrs. Payne it was lovely chatting with you, but I really must be going. I have a lot to get done at home. “ I smiled sweetly at her, picked up my things and hopped off the chair, gracefully landing on the floor. Then, perhaps a little too fast, I dashed out of the library and to my car where I breathed a sigh of relief. Free at last! I thought, happily.


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