Thursday, October 28, 2010

Possiblities (alessandra)

Towards the end of Anna’s journal, it became very clear that her troupe had found something. Something that perhaps they shouldn’t have found. Something that must have created a lot of trouble for them, because the journal ended suddenly. As if, Anna had been cut off from something. I could only imaged what may have happened to her, especially as Aro had been in on this whole thing. I shuddered as my own memories came unbidden.

Opening the doors to the white tiled throne room, a part of me wanted to run, but I hesitated to run, and closed my eyes to calm the nerves that came up? I must still be feeling human emotions despite the fact that I wasn’t a human any longer. Or perhaps it was more that I was used to feeling them, so they still came up? I shook my head slightly confused.

“Alessandra, mei carus unus. I am so glad you are home again.” Aro said, instantly sweeping across the floor and coming up to me, far too quickly. He moved to take my hands, instead, I placed Anna’s journal into them.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you had a group of archeologist searching for the reason why vampires are vampires? And why didn’t you tell me they were in Egypt of all places?” I asked, folding my arms under my cloak.

“I did tell you Alessandra, you hardly listen to anything I ever say. Is it hardly surprising that you would not remember this? And where did you find this journal? Does anyone else know about it?” Aro asked flipping through the dairy.

“I found it in the house you bought in Forks. In the attic. And no, no one else knows about it.” I said. It was true. What little Mrs. Payne had read of the journal was not important. Aro had a point, I never listened to anything he had to say, I found most of anything he talked about rather dull, and unimportant. It was no small wonder that I had found this unimportant.

“I’d like to pick up where the Halls finished.”I said suddenly. “I’d like to try and find Sekhmet’s temple.”

“Of course you would… You’re eyes, are…” Suddenly Aro began to laugh. “Golden brown. Are you going through a phase my dear?” He asked. I frowned.

“I most certainly am not going to a through a phase. I do not go through phases.” I snapped. Why did everyone laugh when they saw my eyes?

“I do believe that it would be a good idea if you decided to finish the Hall’s works. However, I think you may want to take Anna with you. After all, it was Miss Hall who had lead the last expedition to Egypt. She would be a vital source of information to you.” Aro said ignoring my last outburst. I frowned. How did the man go between two conversations with one person? One minute we are discussing my eyes, the next back to Anna. Wait, Anna was here in Volterra? So he did turn her?!

“You turned her into a vampire? I shouldn’t be surprised.” I muttered.

“No, my dear one. Someone else beat me to that. You see Anna and her wonderful team of archeologist did come very close to finding the temple. However, there was another coven hot on their trail and when the team went back to America for a break, from their work, the coven… Demetri found Anna just as a vampire from the coven was about to finish her off. Demetri, fortunally, finished him before he could harm Anna farther. And as a result, Anna has been here ever since.”

“Wait, here in Volterra?” I asked. Aro nodded. I tried to remember an Anna Katie Hall in Volterra, but there had been so many Anna’s and most vampires never went by their last names. I simply couldn’t place her. I must have shown how perplexed I felt because Aro laughed.

“She’s in the library this very minute. After we brought her here, she made the library her home, and has actually organized it!” Aro said in that delighted voice that only Aro could. I stared at him. So she was here! But why hadn’t I seen her in the Library? The Gods knew I had gone to the library a million times… When was the last time I was in the Library? I wondered. Certainly not in the past hundred years or so. I turned around.

“Oh And Alessandra, before you go…” Aro began and I turned around. “Don’t visit the vampire locked away in the dungeon.” I blinked and stared, of all the absorbed things for Aro to say.

“Why would I care about a vampire in the dungeon?” I asked, and swept out of the room.


As I made my way down to the library, I wondered why Anna had never finished her quest to find the temple of Sekhmet. Wasn’t finding out the history of vampirism important? And wouldn’t it be easier to find something like this as a vampire? Vampires could get passed booby traps and wouldn’t have a reason to fear ancient Egypt the way most humans did. And as for other covens, most didn’t mess with the Volturi. In fact, people feared the Volturi. There were some small advantages of being a member of the so called vampire royal family.

I pushed opened the library and stared about myself. The library was indeed categorized from top to bottom, cleaned and thoroughly dusted. Edwardian, classical music meant my ears and a sweet smelling scent meant my nose. I found a young woman still dressed in Edwardian garb with her hair swept up on top her head and a book in her hands. I recognized her from the photos I had found in the trunk.

“Of all the things you could be doing, I find you inside the library, looking very much like a woman I once knew in 1910.” I said rather dramatically. “She was a librarian. Her name was Elsie Baudin. And she never left the library. In fact, she died in it.”

“Do you have any idea how important finding out the true cause of vampirism is? Do you have any idea what this could do to the vampire world? If we could find the cause, perhaps we could reverse vampirism. There are a million possibilities. But the most important thing is that we would have something Aro would want, and we could find a temple of a supposed ancient goddess older than Vesta. Just imagine what that temple could hold.” I said laying Anna’s journal in front of her and stepping back.

mei carus unus ~ My dear one in Latin)

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