Friday, October 22, 2010

Punky Brewster and work!

Location: Bedroom
Music: Young Folks~ Peter Bjorn and John
Book: Native Star~ MK Hobson
Mood: rather annoyed for having to work eight days straight.

I seem to be going on and off with my blog again. I promise to try and do better. :)

Anyway, I've been working alot well. Sorda. Yesterday the boss asked me if I would work today and take Wednesday off, why I said yes is beyond me. Okay, its because I need the money and the sooner i can get it the better. Plus a second shift on a Friday will hopefully be busy. the only downfall is, i haven't had much time to do any of things I so dearly love to do. Like, writing, baking, cooking, or crafting. *sigh*  But hopefully all that will change this weekand. 

I'm not really complaining. At least thats what I am telling myself lol. The work is good. and I do desperately need the money.  I mean hey, at least I have a job right? 

On the upside, I started a short story. We'll see if I can finish it lol.

And as for my crochet... its still not going very well but I am determined to finish it and make it look pretty. Perhaps I'll keep it or give it away for Christmas. I did finish it the other day, but it didnt turn out right so I tore it apart. Almsot all the way to the bottom lol. But I've managed to restart that and its staying one length so far, so thats good. 

The other day I found an eight episode dvd of Punky Brewster for five bucks at Walmart (See why I love Walmart?) So I watched that and remembered why I loved Punky. Why cant they make tv shows like that now a days? 

Well, the day is bright and sunny if not a little cold, so hopefully everything goes good today at work, 
And remember, you can have Punky Power too! 


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