Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Purple Presents! (alice Post)

Purple lights danced across the room from the disco ball I had managed to install and candles flickered in their mists, creating a rather jazzy, romantic setting. The smell of chocolate cake came from the table and the home made vanilla ice cream was sitting In its glass, antique dish gently melting away into a yummy array of milk. Emmett of course had devoured his dessert immediately after Esme had blown out her candles. I still couldn’t believe that we were all sitting around the dining table eating. Even Jazz and Carlisle were eating just to put up the show for the humans. Least they seemed rude.

My only regret was that I couldn’t taste the food. I gave the cake and ice cream a sorrowful look, and sighed heavily as I bit into it. Yuck. I thought trying not to make a face and took a drink of water, which didn’t taste any better. But I wasn’t about to let the fact that I couldn’t taste anything ruin Esme’s birthday!

The first birthday we had all actually been able to celebrate! Once everyone was done, and dinner happened without anything happening, much to our surprise. Having two wolves and three vampires in one house was a little much. I dragged my mother for all aspects over to the table where the presents had piled up and over and under.

“Esme! It’s time!”I said happily, pulling my present out from under Rosalie’s and Emmett’s and everyone else’s. Luckily the pile didn’t tumble over.

“Alice.” Esme said laughing. “You didn’t have to get me anything.” Her eyes swept across the room. Landed on Carlisle’s then moved back to mine. I hugged her.

“Of course I had to get you something. You are my mother.” I smiled. She was also the only mother I had ever known. I peeked over at Carlisle and grinned at him. “I picked this out especially for you. But also because I thought Carlisle would like it on you too.” I added, I knew that if he could have, Carlisle probably would have blushed. He was still a little shy about certain things like this.

Esme gently sat the gift down on the table, and carefully unwrapped it like only Esme could. Saving the ribbons and gift wrapping paper. Most likely for the simple fact that they were for her birthday. Once she unwrapped the gift, she lifted the lid of the pretty white box and pulled out the cashmere, designer, purple sweater I had bought her. Her eyes lite up like I knew they were going too and I clapped my hands in excitement. She loved it, it was written all over her face.

“Oh, Alice thank you! It’s perfect. Just I what I wanted!” She said. “Oh, and another one?” She asked looking back into the box, and pulling out the small white box. I nodded. She opened the lid to reveal an antique pearl necklace I had managed to salvaged from a shop in Seattle.

“I saw you eying a sweater the last time we were out, and the pearl necklace because you look so pretty in them. See, there are even matching earrings and hair clips.” I pulled both out and smiled. A pretty vintage song, one I didn’t recognize came across the stereo system just in time, and I laughed. Oh how I loved fate.

“Oh Alice, they’re perfect. Thank you.” My mother said giving me a hug.

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