Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rubber Bands (alice!)

“She’s a vampire! She’s a vampire! She’s a vampire and she can have visions again!” I sang dancing in the middle of my bedroom. “She doesn’t have to eat or sleep, or go to the bathroom! She’s a vampire! She’s a vampire….” I twirled around. Then, suddenly stopped and plopped down o n the ground as the world went silent, then shifted.

I saw him, cowering in a corner of a darken cell. He sat just staring at the door, while members of the Volturi guard, that I didn’t recognize, lingered in the room, and whispered in hushed tones about him. He pretended like he didn’t know that they were talking and began sputtering something Latin. I barely made it out. And then the vision faded.

“Yay!” I said happily clapping my hands. “She’s a vampire… and she can have visions again!” I danced over to the door, leaving my opened suitcases laying across the bed in a messy order.

“CARLISLE!” I called gliding down the hall. “CARLISLE!”I said happily again. When he didn’t answer, I slowly opened the door. A beautiful majestic opera piece came flowing through the doors and I knew that Carlisle was there.

“Alice, you didn’t have to shout.” Carlisle said looking up at me from his desk.

“Sorry, I keep forgetting I can use my normal voice again.” I said, plopping down on top his desk.

“There is a chair.”

“I like your desk so much better. Besides, if I sit on your desk, I’m almost the same level you are.” I pointed out. Carlisle laughed, and laid his book down.

“I have a feeling that there is something you wish to discuss?” Carlisle asked.

“There’s a new vampire in Volterra. Aro doesn’t want me to tell you about him for some reason. But oh well.” I said with a shrug.

“I wonder why. “

“Why Aro didn’t want me to tell you, or why there is a new vampire?” I asked picking up a rubber band and shooting it aimlessly across the room.

“Alice…” Carlisle said clearly annoyed at my rubber band shooting. I grinned, and twisted opened a paperclip. He sighed, removing said paperclip out of my hand.

“New vampires come and go all the time in Volterra. I wonder why Aro did not want you to tell me about this new one. Was there anything special about him?”

“No. He was locked away in the dungeon, muttering Latin and members of the guard were gawking at him. ” I took another rubber band and shot if off in the distance.

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