Friday, October 8, 2010

Seeing Carlisle for the first time (Alice post)


Biloxi, Mississippi

Taking out a handkerchief from my pink beaded purse, I quietly and gracefully wiped the blood off my mouth and late my third victim of the night fall to the ground helplessly. I knelt down and gently checked for a pulse. When I found none, knowing they were dead, I quietly and quickly snatched what belongings they had that I wanted. A pearl necklace, a sweet smelling bottle of perfume, the woman’s purse. The man’s wallet. Then, I stepped out into the darkness of a street in Biloxi. I was still not satisfied and about to go for another kill when I heard an unfamiliar voice someplace in the darkness say very gently;

“No, Esme, we do not kill humans.” Who was Esme? I wondered and then the world melted away, and I saw a rather tall blond haired man in his mid twenties or so in a forest, with a woman who had chestnut curly hair down to her waist.

“We kill animals instead.” A boy not much younger than myself with messy reddish brown hair said. By their speech and pale skinned I guessed they were vampires. It was then that I saw their eyes. The man and the boy’s eyes were a strange golden brown. I leaned up against the wall of the alley I had stepped out of and watched the scene, holding onto the vision as long I could wondering how they killed animals and why.

“Why don’t you kill humans, Carlisle? I thought vampires did that?” Esme asked what any new born, normal vampire would ask. Not that I thought I was normal. I was far from normal. Carlisle was that the man’s name?

“We don’t want to be monsters. We want to retain some sort of our humanity. By killing humans we prove that we are monsters.” The boy answered squatting down to sniff the forest floor. The boy and the man exchanged some kind of look.

“So we don’t have to kill humans?” Esme asked a little relieved.
“Can you smell the deer?” Carlisle asked Esme. She nodded. “Now, let your sense of smell guide you to the deer.” I watched carefully as they raced across the woods and found the deer which was a rather large buck.

“Edward.” Carlisle said as they reached the buck and broke its neck. Suddenly something caught my eye and I jumped when I realized I was back in the alley and the being that caught my eye was nothing more than a rat.

Had I truly been a monster just then killing those humans? I wondered, looking towards my victims their necks broken and their bodies drained of blood. clothing items missing, and bodies tossed to the grown. I felt the corner of my mouth and licked blood that still lingered there. Yes, I thought, I supposed I had been a monster but I wasn’t sure why being a monster was a bad thing. I had a feeling that it was. Just an instinct and suddenly, I felt ashamed of myself.

Instead of heading out onto the streets to prowl them looking for more possible victims, I found myself in the woods near Biloxi. I remembered what Carlisle said about smelling the deer before seeing it and sat down on the ground. Then I listened, and soon far away, I heard it. My first deer!

I dashed after it, the poor creature didn’t have a chance out smarting a vampire and I felt slightly sorry for it, when I caught the deer. It gave me that wild eyed frightened look I was used too by humans and then I snapped it neck. I bent down over the broken body of the deer and tried it. I tried to taste the blood.

“Yuck!”I said spitting it up. But an image of Carlisle and the boy Edward and Esme all together as a family perhaps? Or a Coven, made me try it again. I wanted that, a family. Some place where I belonged. I was often lonely as a solitary vampire and I knew it just wasn’t in my nature to be alone.

The second time I tried to drink the animal’s blood it wasn’t soo bad and I soon found that I preferred it to killing humans. At least this way, I didn’t look like a monster.

“Alice?” Carlisle asked, making me jump back to reality. I still had the tiny ribbons I had made in my hand for the napkin rings. Carlisle gently placed his hand on my shoulder. “Are you alright?” He asked concerned in his voice. I smiled.

“Uh-uh. I was just remembering the first time I saw you.. Well you didn’t see me but….I had a flashback of---“ I began and trailed off. “Seeing you for the first time in a vision.” I explained.

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