Friday, October 1, 2010

Shoping, Sushi, and Visions (Alice)

After going through every single store in the whole Westlake Center, and spending hours doing it of course, I found the perfect present for Esme. And of course, I didn’t tell the others what I was going getting her. I even paid the cashier to gift wrap it so no one by myself and the cashier knew what Esme was getting for her birthday. Jazz didn’t even know. He had been off buying his own present with Emmett. And Rosalie and I had split up of course. We couldn’t go shopping together if we were surprising each other. The whole surprise thing was really starting to annoy me. I hated being surprised. I liked knowing things much better. It was easier to plan for birthdays and if a person would like a certain item if I knew what I was getting them before hand. Ugh, but I decided to make this whole surprise thing into a game. After all, it sorda was like a game. Not knowing the future. I supposed this was how normal people had to deal with life. But I wasn’t normal. I was far from normal even as a human.

As soon as I had my present, I sent the others a text and we all meant up at the food court. Once again we had to split up because Emmett wanted McDonalds of all things. Rose, Jasper and I each got different things too. I decided to go for Sushi. I had always wanted to try that. Once we all had our food, we found a table and sat down.

“Emmett, you should be eating healthy. That food you are now putting into your system is going to stay in it forever.” Rosalie said, taking a dainty bite out of her own Greek Salad.

“So?” Emmett asked between mouthfuls of a double quarter pounder.

“She has a point.” Jazz said smirking at Emmett. He was eating some sort of Cajun food. I didn’t know what it was. Emmett mimicked Jazz.

“Remember that old saying, you are what you eat?” Rosalie asked.

“Oh come on Rose, we can’t be what we eat, we’re technically Vam---“ He stopped himself as a few humans walked by and gave him a strange look over hearing what he was about to say. We watched as they began to whisper about us and all sighed. It was something we were used too.

I had really been looking forward to trying my Sushi. I really had, but when I tried it, it tasted like sand paper. And the soda I had to drink, tasted worst. The Sushi I was able to keep down, thankfully, but the soda, I nearly spit out. Jazz must have noticed, always gentleman that he was, he turned to stare at me so did the others. It was then that I saw his lips moving, I knew he was asking me a question, but the world, suddenly went very quiet, and then dark…

It was Edward; Bella was standing behind Carlisle, as Edward stood in front, his form tense, cold, pale, and eyes, blood red! I blinked and stared at the others. Stood up and grabbed my food.

“Alice, what is it?” Jasper asked.

“Edward, he’s turning back, he’ll be changed by the time we get home. He was hoping that by giving me my Porsche today, it would keep us out of the house long enough for him to turn back.”

“He was worried that he would try and eat us?” Rosalie asked dumping her food into the trash. I nodded. “Figures.” She mumbled. “Jasper didn’t eat any of us and neither did Carlisle.”

“Yes but we don’t really know what happened to Carlisle when Alessandra turned.” Jasper mentioned.

“You have a point, Bro.” Emmett said still mowing down on his fries as we made our way to the cars.

“Do you think Ed knows?”

“Nah. But I think he might have been more worried about Bella and the baby than us to be honest.”

“And he should be.” Rosalie said crawling into the front seat of Emmett’s jeep.

“Okay, we’ll meet you guys there.” Em called when Jazz pulled out of the driveway.


I poked my head into Edward’s bedroom, knowing I would find him there, and sent Carlisle and Edward my wickedness glare. How could they be so mean as to throw us out of the house while Edward turned? We had all been there for Jasper and Carlisle’s turning and we had wanted to support Edward too.

Edward turned around and laughed when he saw my glare.

“Aw, Alice don’t be mad at me forever. I did buy you a Porsche.” He said. I blinked when I saw his ruby red eyes.

“But you purposely gave me the keys to get me out of the house knowing I couldn’t see. Of course I did have my vision and saw you.” I pouted. “I don’t want you to think I am a terrible sister for not---“

“Alice.” Carlisle said interrupting me. “You had a vision?” I nodded.

“Uh-uh and it was a full blown one, just like the one I had when you turned back. And Carlisle?”


“My food didn’t taste right.” I said still glaring at Edward.

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