Monday, October 11, 2010

Someone is trying to suck up (alessandra)

“Jesus, Alessandra did you have to get her something this big? I mean it’s not a problem carrying it, but it is kinda awkward and I thought we were supposed to be acting like humans? A normal human should not be able to carry something this wide and big. What if someone sees me?” Petrus muttered while carrying a beautifully, richly made, king size, wooden, bed from the 1920s. I had managed to find a silk quilt and silk sheets also from the same time period. The gift was for Esme. Alice had sent me a text message before I got home from school, reminding me about her mother’s birthday. And while I wasn’t exactly invited to the party; not that I blamed Esme. I wasn’t exactly her favorite person in the world, I thought this would be an excellent time to how do we say suck up?

So I had dragged Petrus down to Port Angels and to the antique store. Luckily they had just what I was looking for. An antique bed with sheets and blankets. Plus a radio from the 20s. I of course, had to have Petrus put some work on that. But the one great thing about being a vampire was that we had a gift of speed.

“I mean honestly, you could have just had someone bring it to her tomorrow. What difference would it have made, and why the bed? She won’t be able to use it for long?”

“Because, it’s funny.” I said with a sigh as we both landed noiselessly on the front porch. Making not a sound and laying the gifts down side by side.

“Explain to me how this is funny?” I gave him a, you are so annoying look. He really was. He simply shrugged.

“When I first meant Carlisle, he was so afraid of women. Sully, as you can image, went after him.” I smirked. “And I was the only one to save him. Well, now he has a wife…” Suddenly, Petrus’ burgundy eyes lit up as he realized why this gift was so funny.

“Oooh, I see. And you think by now they’ve---“ I shrugged. I had no idea if they had or not yet. Nor did I care to think about the subject. But I could imply it, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt their marriage at all.

“I have no idea.” I laughed. “But they will now have a beautiful 1920s bed to do whatever they want with.” I grinned. “Besides, if they haven’t, it’s high time they did.” I smiled sweetly again and kissed Petrus.

“And what about the radio?”

“That is the real gift. See, I even put in a cd I made of vintage radio shows. Plus I managed to get her a 1920s housekeeping book.” I added with a smile.

“Someone is trying to suck up.”

“I just don’t want her to hate me. I mean, I don’t really care if she does or not.”

“Yes you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be going to this trouble.” Petrus smirked at me. I stuck out my tongue at him which shocked poor Petrus. I laughed.

“So what if I do?”I shrugged. “I’m not trying to steal Carlisle away from her and she won’t believe me on the subject, even after we helped baby sit them. So maybe this will help?” I asked. Turning around, I motioned to the doorbell and listened as it rang. Then noiselessly, Petrus and I exited.

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