Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tile in the Wall ( Alessandra)

I had decided to take another tactic in my quest to get Anna Katie Hall to join me on my quest to find the origins of vampirisim. A quest that was really one that she had started to begin with. As Aro had so pointed out, she would be a greatly appreciated, vast amount of information. I could go myself of course and take Petrus with me, but what fun would it be to go to Egypt alone? Plus Egypt itself was so old and full of history that I was sure I could get Anna to go with me.

So, I smoothed down my outfit, a pair of ivory ankle jeans by Milly, a light pink sweatshirt by Isabel Etoile, and of course a pair of black Wessex boots. I would not allow my appearance to flounder simply because I was home, and now nothing more than a tile in the wall of Volterra.

Besides, one always had to look their best just in case something interesting did happen. It certainly wouldn’t do for me to go around wearing a silk tunic and a cloak. That would be horrifying, not only for myself but for those around me. Although when it came down to it, I supposed that I did prefer the old fashion ancient Roman style. It was simply so elegant and gracefully made to show off a woman’s body. Easy to take off a woman’s body as well. I giggled as I remembered the first time Petrus had tried too…

I could hear that classical music coming again from the library as I drew closer and turned on my laptop. I stood in the middle of the hall; no one of course was down here. This is why I had always liked to come to the library. It was a quite sanctuary away from the Volturi and for just a little while, I could get some peace and quiet. So I understood why Anna and Carlisle had made the Library their domain.

After turning my laptop on, and googling Egypt, I found the travel page. Complete with pictures, and games, recipes, even books. Then I pulled out the manuscript I had managed to type up for Anna recounting my life from the first memory I had to the present. I frowned as I re read the last bit, remembering it like yesterday. How many times had I wished that Aro had not been able to turn me? How many times had I wished for death more than anything else? There was a part of me that still longed for it. The part that hoped that one day, yet I knew that this would never happen. I sighed quietly opened the doors the library.

I found Anna sitting exactly where she had been when I first meant her. Wearing the type of outfit. I had to giggle at this. It had been a long time since I myself wore clothing like that. But who was I to judge someone for holding onto their past? The gods themselves knew that I myself lived in my past as much as possible. My rooms in the castle showed it. I wondered for a moment if I should let Anna see them. Then shook my head.

There was a reason why I never shown anyone inside Volterra my chambers. I didn’t want anyone knowing where they were. After all the only reason why I was even in the library was because I wanted something. Or was it because I could have possibly admired this woman for working with Aro as a human. I also understood her work as an archeologist myself.

I had not managed to visit Anna in the past month that I had been home. Not that the month that I had been home was a pleasant one or anything. The only thing that was good about it was that Petrus was with me. He helped soothe the long, boring days. But during this time, I had written the memoirs that Anna had asked me too and had managed to come up with a plan. It was called sucking up. Something I was good at. Or had discovered that I was good.

So, I quietly, laid my memoirs down in front of Anna whom, seemed rather surprised to see me.

“Alessandra, what a pleasant surprise. I was not expecting you. What’s this?” She asked taking the book I had bound together, by a dear old human resource of mine.

“The memoirs you asked me to write up.” I said. “ It seems that nothing has changed in Volterra since I left, and I found that I had a lot of free time again.” I said with a dramatic sigh. Perhaps I was a bit overly dramatic as Anna had said. But could a rock help being a rock? Nope, so I couldn’t help being dramatic as that was what I was and had always been.

“You wrote down your memories for me?” Anna asked clearly shocked. She opened the book, but before she began to read anything, I quietly laid down my laptop in front of her.

“I also brought this.” I said pointing to the screen where Egypt’s travel page was.

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