Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back in the Library (Alessandra)

“Petrus, stop!” I said laying his drum sticks down on the table. Or rather, floating them up out of his reach on the table.

“What is with the constant banging on the table anyway?” Demetri asked.

“You don’t know that I am a musician?” Petrus asked his voice full of surprise. I shook my head. Not everyone knew that my strange little man was a musician much less my man.

“Really? Do you play Vivaldi or Handel?”

“Babies play Handel. I play rock.” Demetri rolled his eyes.

“Rock and Roll is a man’s world.”

“Not anymore.” I said.

“Come on, I’ll show you.”

“Oh no, he’s going to show off again.” I muttered to Anna, who smirked.

“Men do have a tendency to do that.”

“Yes, unfortunally they do. I wonder if it helps their egos.”

“ooh burn.” Petrus said slapping his hand on his heart. I rolled my eyes.

“I doubt you are as good as Vivaldi was or Mozart perhaps?” Demetri continued ignoring everything we had said which was so much like Demetri.

“Vivaldi doesn’t have shit on what I do. Come on, I’ll show you!” Petrus said, grabbing his drum sticks and sprint off towards his part of my chambers.

“Pardon us ladies. Or rather Lady and Vestal.” Demetri said with a buoyant bow, before dashing after Petrus.

Laughing I sat backwards.

“Was he insulting you?’ Anna asked gathering up the cards. I giggled, and motioned the cards back into their box before she could finish.

“He was trying too. Should we go back to the library and talk about what we should do in Egypt?” I asked, gathering my laptop up again.


“You had said in your journal that the temple was possibly in Memphis?” I asked Anna once we were inside the safe compounds of the library.

“Yes, that is where we believe the temple was.”

“And you didn’t find it?”

“No. We did not, but I believe we may have been close.”

“Ah, so we should start in Cairo then, as it is only twenty miles from there to Memphis correct?”


“Alright then, I’ll book us a hotel. Any suggestions?”

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