Friday, November 12, 2010

The Cross (Alessandra)

I moved my curser across the laptop and snapped on a bit of music I had found from Egypt. I was forever looking for new music, new things. Though nothing could ever compare to great classical composers that I once had the pleasure of seeing while they were alive. I could still see the way Mozart’s fingers flew across the piano.

“… Besides, that is not all I talk about…” Anna was saying, drawing back out of memories. I sighed and turned to face her.

“Yes it is. When was the last time you were outside the Volturi walls? The early 1900s perhaps?” I asked.

“I am perfectly content with my library and as such, I have not found a reason to leave it.”

“And because of this, you have nothing else to talk about. Just think of all the wonderful things we could find in Egypt.”I twisted my laptop around so it faced Anna.

“What exactly am I looking at here?”

“The hotel we’ll be staying at. I just booked the most expensive luxurious apartment in the hotel for a month. You can see the Nile, and the Pyramids from the windows. Just look at those pictures.”

“Alessandra, I already told you that I don’t care if we have a hotel or not---“

“Yes but a hotel makes it feel more-- human

“My Dear, in case you have forgotten, we are not human.”

“That does not mean that we can’t--- Oh never mind.” I said waving my hand. Knowing she simply wouldn’t understand. It was then, that I realized Carlisle wasn’t listening. Which was not like him.

“Carlisle?” I asked.


“Are you alright? Have you heard anything we’ve said?”

“What? No. I’m sorry Alessandra, I have a lot on my mind.”

“A lot on your mind?” I asked a bit confused. Wondering what was bothering him. It was then, that I noticed it. He was wearing a cross. A cross that looked very old. I blinked, just to make sure I had seen it. Sure enough, the cross was still there.

“When did you get that?” I asked.


“The cross?” I asked as the object in question slowly lifted up off Carlisle’s neck.

“You really use your gift all the time don’t you?” Anna asked. I rolled my eyes and looked back to Carlisle.

“I’ve never seen you wear a cross before.” I said again, ignoring Anna.

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