Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Edward (Alessandra)

Dinner. Ugh, I thought pushing the chair away from the desk once the library was quiet and empty. I gently shut the laptop down and let it float up into the air in front of me. Dinner. As if I would want too… No, the mere idea of standing in a room filled with innocent human beings, about to be slaughtered by monsters was unbearable. What was worst, was I could picture the whole thing, because I had once been among the monsters feeding off the humans.

Aro would enter the room first, no he would already be in the room with Marcus and Caius. The others would follow, and then the guest. The humans all completely unaware that they were about to walk to their deaths. Then, the screams. I had never been able to stand the screams. I had never been able to completely devour a human. Though the thirst at times had been unbearable, I just, never could drain them dry the way I was supposed to. I only took what I needed. I remembered reading something once that you’re actions made who you were. I tried not to be a monster about killing the poor humans. I tried to do it gently… I shook the images out of my mind, and returned back to the present.

With the laptop floating in front of me, I slowly made my way through the castle towards my chambers. The castle itself, was eerily quiet. Perhaps more quiet than usual because nearly everyone was in the dinning room of course. I never could get used to the quietness of the Volturi Castle. The Temple of Vesta had been anything but quiet. Even my father’s Villa was always bustling with life. But the castle, of course was never bustling with life not the way I was used too. Or perhaps, it was not the way I was used too in my human life.

As I rounded a corner and into another one of the endless corridors that seemed to grace the Volturi Castle, I came upon another vampire whom, I had only meant once and even then it was briefly. It wasn’t even a proper meeting. It was more of a see, and flee, type of a deal.

Edward Cullen, turned to see me, his hair a messy redish brown, and his eyes the same golden brown as my own, and the rest of his families. He was perhaps the only Cullen had never had a conversation with. Though, I supposed the ones I had with Rosalie didn’t count. She did not like me any more than Esme did. Of course perhaps the fault with this, was my own. I had none nothing to make Rosalie like me. I had tried with Esme though. Being Carlisle’s wife and all. I certainly didn’t want her to think that I was really trying to steal her husband away. If I had wanted to mate with Carlsile, I would have when he first came to Volterra.

“Hello.” Edward said in his typical American accent. He then, noticed my laptop floating besides and pointed at it as I let float into my arms. “That’s a neat trick. You must be Alessandra. I’m Edward.” He said holding out his hand to shake mine, though I didn’t offer my own hand.

Neat trick? I thought rolling my eyes, wondering why everyone said that. I supposed it was a neat trick as Edward said, though when I first discovered that my trick was the cause of my families’ death; I didn’t think it was such a neat thing to possess. My mind, wandered back to that day two thousand years ago and it was as if, the whole ordeal had just happened.

Once again, I could see the flames rising up in the sky; feel the heat burning off them. Hear my mother’s screams. See the blood. I shivered, despite the fact that I couldn’t feel anything anymore. I still felt that intense heat. Perhaps if I could have had them, tears would have been in my eyes. I shook my head.

“It has it’s uses. You’re Carlisle’s son?” I asked, pushing back hair that had fallen into my eyes. I wondered why Edward didn’t take the time to at least brush his own, and iron his wrinkled shirt. Then, I was surprised that Alice let him go out in public so messy. Perhaps, she had given up on his appearance as long as he wore designer clothing. I smirked. “Alice told me a little about you. Not a lot. Just that you were her brother.” I said with a pause. “She seems to think that I should join the family.” I laughed.

The thought of joining Carlisle as his daughter, was absurd. Me, Carlsile’s daughter. I could no more pull that off, than he could pull off being my father. Of course we had a degree of respect for one another, but it would never work. No, I was much better off, alone with Petrus. I wondered why Alice didn’t see this.

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