Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Game of Whist! (Alessandra)

The candles flickered lightly as Demetri dealt the cards; Alessandra had extravagant tastes, as any self-respecting vampire should, and kept her candles burning through the day and night. This lofty library needed the added light, anyway – thousands of leather-bound volumes lined the rich mahogany bookcases, wrapping around an elliptical room that felt as deep as a well. Ladders climbed to the highest bookshelves, though Demetri was under no illusion that Alessandra even needed them to reach those heights.

Thirteen cards for each player – Demetri sighed a little, recalling past centuries spent in idle games. Yet the thrill of gambling never ceased to grow old for him, even if now they gambled only thin air and centuries-old gossip. The life of a Volturi guard was a dull one, admittedly, without the appropriate distractions. He caught Alessandra’s eye, across the makeshift whist table.

“The answer to your question, my friend,” said Demetri, turning his gaze to Petrus, who was examining his hand, “is that your charming girlfriend knew Domitian much too well for a girl of her particular calling. There is that niggling little rule about Vestal Virgins – you know, that they have to be virgins.

Alessandra cleared her throat and sent Demetri a deadly glare. The candle light making her golden eyes that much more golden. “What was I supposed to do? Refuse his advances? No, I was hardly in a position to do so.” Alessandra responded. “Besides, I was young, and had a very high opinion of myself.”

“You slept with an emperor?” Petrus asked.

“Not really slept… Well, there may have been a small amount of sleep there.” Alessandra commented.

“I had always thought that Domitian was an unsavory character?” Anna asked playing a card.

“I have heard people call Domitian that, but he was never anything but kind and gentle with me. He gave me the most wonderful gifts. Of which I still have… I believe.”

“What was his court like? It must have been very different from the Egyptian courts.” Anna asked.

Demetri smiled. “Well, Domitian was the only emperor whose reign the Senate decreed should be condemned to oblivion. So technically, my dear Alessandra, you, Felix and I were unwritten from the annals of history.”

"Ah, but that does not mean that those wonderful things in history did not happen." Alessandra said with a sly grin. "Of course perhaps it is best that the world doesn’t know what happened behind Roman closed doors."

“Especially where it concerns you my dear.” Demetri said.

“Ah, but you were not always so innocent either Dear, Perfect, Demetri.” Petrus snorted.

“I was a gladiator and a slave.” Demetri answered with a shrug. “So, tell me, what is this, I hear about you going to Egypt?”

“Alessandra, thinks that the answer to vampirism lays in Egypt because she read Miss Anna’s journal.” Petrus answered with a wave of a hand towards Anna.

“Ah, yes, I remember.” Demetri answered. “But wasn’t it just a theory? You never found anything.”

“Egypt is very old, and while we may not have found exactly what we were looking for, it does not mean that it is not there.” Anna answered.

“Exactly.” Alessandra commented.

“Ah, but knowing you dear Alessandra as I do, you have another motive for this.” Petrus looked slightly confused.

“Of course I do.” Alessandra replied, a secret well hidden behind her eyes.

“Well, I can’t let you go to Egypt alone, besides what else do I have to do?”

“Demetri, I’ll be fine. Besides I won’t be alone. Petrus will be there and so will Anna.” Demetri looked from Petrus to Anna and snorted.

“My point exactly.” Alessandra sighed.

“Fine. If I don’t let you come, you’ll just track me down anyway. So you might as well. I win.” Alessandra said laying down the last of her cards and smiling sweetly at the three other vampires at her table.

(Written in collaboration with Demetri,and Anna.
OOC: Demetri asked me to finish and post this.)

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