Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hallway Games (Lilac Middleton Hogwarts)

“What ya got?” I asked Cee as we walked from the Great Hall to the dormitory. Checking my the notebook I kept for the lists of all my homework assignments. Of course the notebook also had tones of doodles. Doodles, were my way of getting through classes when they got boring. Sure, the professors took the doodle book away sometimes. But I always had another one prepared. My trunk was an endless supply of doodle books.

“Everything you got, silly, we’re in the same classes.” Came the answer.

“I know, I forgot, wasn’t it swell of them to give us the same classes, again.”

“Swell?” I shrugged. Swell was a word in the English vocabulary.

“Sure, it’s swell.” Cee said.

“Cecila.” I said rolling my eyes. My cousin cringed when I called her by her real name. She hated her real name. Which was why I called her it. I always used Cee’s real name to annoy her.

“Lil, if you call me Cecila one more time…”

“Well, that’s your name isnt it?”

“Just like you’re name is Lilac. Lilac, Lilac…”

“Okay, okay, okay I get the point! Ya don’t have to remind me…”

“Lilac, wait up!” I heard a familiar voice say and cringed myself. I turned around and sure enough Nathaniel Ross was running up towards us in long strides trying to catch me. I had managed to avoid him since the whole Happy Haven thing. Of which I tried not to think about. Nate just… Was a Pureblood. They were the whole cause of that.

“Come on, Cee.” I said grabbing my cousin’s hand.

“Lil, I don’t know why you won’t talk to him, it’s not his fault we…”

“How do we know he wasn’t---“

“Because Nate, likes you.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Lil, I was there too you know.”

“I know. Can we please talk about something else? Like….”

“Lil, come on, wait up, I just wanna talk to you.” Came Nate’s voice from some place behind us, I dashed around a corner, and behind a curtain.

“I think you’re being ridicules over this whole thing.”

“Cee, can it!” Cee made a zipping motion with her hands over lips and peered around the curtain.

“He’s gone.”

“Whew, that was close.” I said crawling out from behind the curtain.

“Lil. I know you better than that.” Nate said, suddenly standing in front of me. I glared at me. Grabbed my cousin’s hand and started to head back up towards the common room where I knew he couldn’t follow because he didn’t have the password.

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