Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heading back to the castle (Alice)

Jazz and I stopped by a book store, a music store, a gift shop and a bread shop, simply because I loved the smell of bread for some reason. I never did know why I liked the smell of bread. I supposed it had something to do with my human life. If only I could remember things from it. But given the fact that my parents had given me up for an asylum, I supposed it was good that I didn’t know anything about my human life other than what Sarah had told me.

“Ready to meet the---“

Jazz was about to say when we bumped into Edward and Bella, carrying a few small packages and then Rosalie and Emmett rounded the corner. I laughed.

“Yes, I am.” I said squeezing Jasper’s arm. He chuckled.

“You knew we would run into each other at the same time so you planned it uh?” He said.

“Sure did.” I said with a grin.

“See, wasn’t this more fun than lying around the castle?” I asked my siblings and sibling in law.

“Shopping always is.” Rosalie said a smirk on her face as Em rolled his eyes.

“What’s next on the list Alice?” He asked.

I shrugged as I really had no idea what to do next.

“We should probably go back; I want to make sure that Carlisle is alright.” Edward said.

That was when, I saw myself standing in front of Aro, in the throne room, his hands on mine, I could see that he was trying to read my mind. My every thought and wish. Something I did not necessarily want him to know. I shuddered, as the image moved to Aro doing the same to Jazz who was standing near me, and then to Emmett and Rosalie.. I shook my head, breaking the vision.

“Can’t we stay out a wee bit longer?”I asked. “I think there is a shop I missed that I wanted to see.” The longer we stayed out the longer it would be before…

“Alice, we’ve been in every single store in Volterra.” Jazz said.

“Bella is tired, Alice and she needs to rest, kick her feet up.” Edward said, wrapping his arms around Bella. I sighed and nodded, he had a point. They both did. So, it was back to the stuffy castle. The one that I would never live in, no matter how much Aro wanted me too.

“Okay, okay. We can go back. But I’d really rather not. I hate that castle.”

“We all do.” Rose insisted.

“But we should go and check in on Pops.”

“I’m sure Esme is taking care of him.”


“Okay, okay. Let’s go back.” I said.

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