Monday, November 8, 2010

It has been a while

Location: Bedroom
Music: Sibylla and Balin (Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack)
Book: The Edge Chronicles: Beyond the deep woods
Mood: Awake


Wow has it really been since October when I last posted here? Geese, Lets get with the picture Joanna! You know you have no excuse! 

Yes, I know its been a very long time since I posted anything and I do promise to get better. I really have no excuse either. i've come to the conclusion that blogging is something you have to want to do. Otherwise its just not any fun!

But anyway, I have been busy making crafts and I am actually in the midst of writing a one thousand word short story for a short story contest. Its about a fairy but I cant tell you anything else about it. I also cant upload it here either. So you have to wait patiently in suspense and hope I can finish it in time for the deadline which is November 30th. If I do not win the contest. Then I will post here it for all to read :) 

Work is going okay. My tips are picking up and yesterday I made 64$! Wee, hopefully I can get back to making that every day now. So that way I can get ahead again. 
Anyway, I promise to hopefully post the crafts I made over the weekand and the pumpkin pie we made from scratch last weekand. 


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