Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I have been doing with my time!

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Mood: Artistic. 
Book: The Edge Chronicles: Beyond the Deepwoods

So, as promised here are the crafts I've been busy making to pass time. Which I seem to have alot of lately lol. Oh well. I guess, crafts and short stories are always fun to make. 

I have a tone of ideas I wanna try in the next few weeks and I am currently knitting a hat either for myself or for someone for christmas. We'll see which I decide lol. 

Anyway, here are my crafts :) Enjoy.

The first is the pumpkin pie we made from scratch. Walmart had Pumkins on sale for 78 cents a piece so we made the pie and the pie crust from my Grandma's recipe. It was sooo yummy too!. 

 Here is my very first Crochet project. It took me a whole month or two to make. lol but i think it turned out pretty well. Its a Jelwrey Roll. Though you cant really tell. 

This is a Lemon Braclett. I actually got the idea from the American Girl Website. It turned out so elegant I was really happy with it. :) 

This is probably my favorite craft i have made so far lol. Its a little Owl Key Chain. I got the idea for this from Moonsoon acessories. 

And this was orginally going to be a change purse for my sister. However, it didnt turn out the way I wanted so I decided to use it for my sewing scissors. I think it works pretty well. 

So as you can see on top of my short story that I recently finished, I've kept myself pretty busy! And I do have a whole list of things I wanna make next too. :) I'll pop them up here, when they are done. 

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