Thursday, December 2, 2010

Applications and other things.

Location: Bedroom
Music: Cantiga 166
Book: Stormchaser~ The Edge Chronicles. 
Mood: Happy

Yes I know, it's been a long time dear blogger.
Well, what can I say, but that I have been a bit too lazy to write in my blog. In fact, I recently have only just picked up writing again. Well, to be frank, I've had things written. but have not posted them here. So hopefully I shall get these things up again soon. 

I did spend the better part of the morning filling out job applications. I just am not making enough at Dennys and I transferred to the one Saginaw thinking I would make more. But I'm not. So new job it is. I am also going to call flying j's cooperate office sometime today. I need to get numbers from them so I can file for unemployment. or underemployment. Basically, I need help!

The only good thing that having so much time off has brought me is more time to do things. I am currently working on a little knitting pouch for a xmas present for a friend. And I have started another short story. This is just for fun though I may submit it some place. We shall see.

Oh and yesterday, being the first day of December, it snowed lol. Now the world is covered in about an inch or so of snow. Enough to cover the ground but thats barely it. What a nice way to great December uh?

Anyway, I must be off. Things to do and places to be. But I leave you with this little song. 

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