Monday, December 27, 2010

Changing plans (Alice post)

It was one of those cloudy, rainy days with a slight wisp of a fog covering what looked to be like a very dreary London. Carlisle stood in his long, coat with his blue scarf next to Esme who was equally dressed for the weather. They were in front of some random building that had a plaque on it that said something about the Church that Carlisle’s father owned.

Then the vision shifted and they stood in front of a large stone in a cemetery. Next they were sitting in front of the Thames on a polished slab of pavement. Carlisle seemed rather sad, and Esme was comforting him. The vision faded from there and I saw my siblings and I all laid out in Des’s apartment with Luke? Hah, I knew she’d eventually get a man. Or rather, I knew she would date Luke for a while.

I looked down at the plane ticket I had pulled out of the drawer. We did have a layover in England but not a long enough one for Esme and Carlisle to be alone. So I grabbed my phone and before I dialed a number, Edward poked his head in. He grinned at me.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea! I mean I took Bella to Chicago and showed her around. Why shouldn’t Carlisle show Esme his London?” He asked plopping down on a chair in the room I shared with Jazz. I grinned at him.

“They should spend some alone time together especially after all of this. Do you think the others will be too upset with me if we don’t tell them?” Ed shrugged.

“If they are, they will get over it.” He said.

“It’s so sad though that hardly any of Carlisle’s London still exists. I mean hardly any of the London that Des knew is around either because of the bombing but at least some of it is recognizable.” I said, dialing a number and changing our flights so Carlisle and Esme could have time to themselves. I even bought them hotel tickets.

“Yes, I was at least able to show Bella most of my Chicago. It’s too bad you don’t remember any of your town.” Edward said sympathetically. I shrugged.

“I have my other memories though. It was weird that my early vampire ones popped up during our human experience.” I said stressing the word human. I had certainly not been happy as a human but I knew Edward had. It had given him the chance to become a daddy. And me an Aunt. I was sooo going to spoil the baby. I already had.

“Ooh and I am gonna buy little booties for your baby in London, I bet Des will want to buy some things too. She used to love children. Well before she became a vampire that is. I think she still does. She always oodles over them. “ Edward laughed.

“I am sure Bella wont mind.” He said. “I cant wait to get home and leave Volterra for good, I hope.”

“Don’t worry, we wont be returning here any time soon.” I said.

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