Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas, and work!

Location: Bedroom
Music: Saturdays & Sundays~ KSM
Book: Stormchaser
Mood: Chipper

Okay, well, things are going a bit better at my job. I've made 100$ in the past two nights on five hours shifts. So thats good. And not next week, but the following week I do have 32 hours. Which is better than nothing. I also emailed Flying J and they are going to send me my paystubs. So things are looking a bit brighter!

Yesterday I decided to make little Gingerbread man plushies. LOL. So far the project is fun. I've cut them out and just need to put them together. I am also going to make Christmas Cookies for Christmas presents, I'd like to make little snowflakes and put my Christmas Lights up. 

I also really want to get Jingle Spells 4 from the Leaky Cauldron site. I just havent done that yet LOL. 

And I go into work today at 3 so yay for seven hour shift. Hopefully I can stay for the whole thing. Oh and I decided that on my list of books to read, I want to read the Pickwick book by Dickens. I listened to the radio show that Mercury Theater put on back in the 30s on it, and really enjoyed it. So I think I'd like the book. 

Well, I've got a ton of stuff to do today. So I'm off. 

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