Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(Egypt~ Cairo) Bickering (Alessandra)

High marbled walls with golden designs etched into them and rich carpet meat us as we walked into the Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo which sat on the west bank of the Nile. The Four seasons was one of the more expensive hotels in Cairo and simply perfect. A sleepy receptionist greeted us as I dropped my luggage onto the floor. I handed her my credit card.

“Alessandra di Sismondi. I should have one of the Nile Suites reserved.” I said in Egyptian which, surprised not Anna and Petrus but also the receptionist.

“Yes, you do.” The man said. Then yelled for someone to take us up after giving me the key.

Demetri waggled a brow playfully. "Nile Suite, hmm? Sounds...swishy."

I glanced at him with a sly grin. “Perhaps a room under the Nile would be more to your liking Demetri. I am sure I can arrange. Anna do you of any rooms under the Nile. Or better yet, any sunken rooms in the Nile itself? Do you think the ghosts would help us get Demetri there?”

“I am sure that the Nile Suite which Aro paid for us will be just what Demetri needs.” Anna said matter of factly. I rolled my eyes at her.
“I can see it now, a peaceful vacation in Egypt with three people who pretend they like each other.” Petrus said rolling his eyes.

“No, just two. Demetri will be staying in a room in the Nile.” I replied.

"I think you'd be far better suited to a watery repose than I, Lorelei," bit back Demetri. "River weeds would suit your complexion exceedingly."

“Ah, but then if I were a mermaid, I could lure you into the weeds and trap you in my tavern for centuries. You would make a wonderful collection Gladiator. ”

Demetri laughed. "You already have trapped me for centuries, my dear. There is really no escaping you."
I sighed. “Good point.” She said. “But I still maintain that you would make a better trophy underwater. In a sunken room.”

“Alessandra, dear, did you have to get the largest suite in the hotel?” Anna asked as they entered the hotel.

“Aro’s money remember? Of course I did.”

"And I imagine that without the added space, we'd all be getting along so much better," noted Demetri. "Though continents could separate us, Alessandra, without my fondness growing ever the less."

“You certainly wanted to be in the same room with me very closely two thousand years ago.” I said dropping my luggage and letting it float up the stairs in the suite once the door was shut. Anna blinked.

“How do you get used to that?” She asked Petrus.

“We all have freaky powers. You just do.” Petrus replied, ignoring my remark to Demetri.

Demetri rolled his eyes. "Oh, you'll get used to it. Alessandra is an incorrigible show-off."

“I see.” Anna said fumbling in her luggage for an object.

“Someone has too, and I have the talent.” I said with a shrug, lifting up Demetri’s luggage with my mind and letting it float to the top of the stairs as well. “And the looks.” I added. “Oh, and grace… What don’t have I?”

"A heart," Demetri snickered

“That is not true. I do have one. It just doesn’t beat. Thanks to Aro.” I said with a simple frown. “Besides, at least I am nicer than Jane is. You know it’s true.”

"Oh, I beg to differ. Even Jane has her good days. But you've been sulky since the days of the Flavian dynasty!"

For a moment, just one moment I was completely speechless. It was as if I did not have a comeback and I always had a comeback. Then, I glared at Demetri.

“ You would be too! You should be too.” I said simply.

"Pah! I've had my fair share of sufferings, but have I spent the last eighteen centuries in a self-indulgent slump? Far from. I have made the best of my circumstances, as we all have - apart from you."

“Enough!” Anna finally said after setting up her laptop. “We are not here to fight the whole time.”

“She has a point.” Petrus said leaning up against the railing twirling a drum stick. “You two have probably been bickering for the past 18 centauries. You could try and get along. Just for a little while so the rest of us can have a pleasant trip.” I rolled her eyes.

“Fine.” I said looking at Demetri, setting up my own research devices. “Where are we going first?

“The Egyptian Museum.” Anna said without looking up from her laptop. “We have to wait until after hours and they should be closing soon.”

“ We’re breaking into a museum?’ Petrus asked rolling his eyes.

Demetri glanced at him. "Petrus, I am surprised that you have such qualms about the law! You won't turn us all in to the authorities for being malicious serial predators, will you?"

“Um perhaps, I should. But then, Aro would just break you lose, or you would all break lose yourselves.” Petrus said. “Besides, I would miss Alessandra.” He added drawing me into him.

I gently kissed him. “I’m glad that at least someone would miss me."

(Written with Demetri and a little help from Anna )

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