Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Encampment: A Budding Friendship (Elektra)

The little Priestess whom was around Elektra’s age was moping again in the corner. Her knees were up and she was hugging them with her head buried in them. As if she expected Elektra to feel sorry for her. Feel sorry for her! When Elektra was around her age and had gone through more in life than she suspected that the Priestess ever had. Such a spoiled thing. She swept the dirt off the floor the tiny cabin, alone and glared at the Priestess.

“You can stop being such a big baby you know. It’s not as bad as you think!” Elektra finally shot at the Priestess sweeping up a pile of dust right near where she sat. Just to see if she could get a reaction or not.

The girl raised herself on her elbows, and turned to shoot a hateful glare at Elektra. "Not as bad as I think? Not three days ago I was a Priestess of the Idaean Mother, and now I am the King of Mycenae's whipping post. And you, little thing, dare tell me that it is not so bad?!"

Elektra stared at the girl, her dark eyes wide with unrelenting resentment. “You’re such a spoiled brat.” She said stopping her sweeping for one moment. “At least we have a roof over our heads and food and the King of Mycenae is not so bad. You have no idea what bad is.”

The girl seemed humbled for a few moments, and lay her head back on the ox fur. Her shorn head looked tiny and pathetic for a moment amongst the rich animal pelts around her.

Elektra rolled her eyes. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself. It only makes it worst. You should be thinking of ways to get back to the Greeks. Ways to get back at tiny revenges. Feeling sorry for yourself and crying doesn’t do you or anyone else any good.”

There was an in audible reply and Elektra went back to her sweeping. Eventually she was going to have to get the girl up and moving or The Mycenae king may not want to keep her around. And why Eleketra felt that she needed to be kept around was a surprise to her. The girl was annoying.

“At least you still have your rich parents, who can come and claim you at any time with ransom.” Elektra said brushing back hair that had fallen lose. Maybe she should chop the damn curly lot off. She thought. “My parents are dead. And so is my guardian. I was practically raised on the streets. Oh yes, you could do much worse than you have done. “

"No ransom will buy me back," replied the girl, her voice trembling lightly. "I am a sacrifice; my price has already been paid."

Elektra stopped sweeping again. She looked at the girl for a moment with a small amount of sympathy and then shook her head. “Here” She said handing her a broom. “Make yourself useful it will take your mind off things. I cannot---“

Just as the girl’s hand touch Elektra’s, the world went into a muffled silence, and shifted around her. She saw Diomedes taking the girl outside the cabin to a secluded area where he raised a knife to kill her. She saw the Priestess cower below the knife, helplessly and then there was blood.

Elektra blinked and stared at the girl, dropping the broom, and looking slightly dazed.

"What was...that?" asked the girl, her eyes wide.

Elektra grabbed a chair near her and sat down. Her breathing slightly uneasy and in short puffs. She had a hard time getting her breath, and her vision to go back to normal. “What… What was what?” She asked weakly.

"You had a vision, didn't you?" said the girl. "I've seen prophets at the temple; they breathe incense and burning herbs to hear the words of the gods. But you are neither well-born or well-read, why should the gods choose you as their mouthpiece?"

Elektra blinked, that was the first time anyone actually asked her if she had a vision outright or believed she had visions for that matter it was also the first time someone dared to question why the Gods chose her for this. Well, it wasn’t like she asked for it. “I didn’t ask to be chosen!” She all but shouted standing up a little uneasy. “And I can read thank you very much!”

"I'm sure," replied the girl dryly, and offered no further comment on Elektra's literacy. Elektra sent the girl an icy glare.

“The gods must hate me.” She muttered. “Yes, they hate me.” She said again. “That’s why they wanted me to have visions and be stuck with you.” Elektra rubbed the middle of her head feeling a headache coming on behind her eyes, and once again handed the girl the broom. This time, careful not to touch her.

Adeia took the broom without comment, examining the dusty twigs at its end. "Doesn't Diomedes have his own house slaves to do this work?"

“He does have a few. But we are also considered slaves now, and unless we help with the work load, he may kill us for finding us unusefull.” Elektra explained her mind wandering back to her vision.

"Barbarians," the girl muttered almost inaudibly, and set about sweeping the patch of dirt floor by the doorway. For possibly the first time since Elektra meant the girl, she agreed with her.

“I have a few other inappropriate names for them.” She grinned. “But that is one of them.” She added.

The girl looked at her, and fluttered the littlest smile, before returning to her duties. She winced. "Curse these bandages. I can hardly move my arms."

“In time, your bruises will heal and you’ll be as good as new. As long as that damn Greek doctor stays away from you.” The priestess glanced at Elektra wearily just as Diomedes and Ariston came in.

“I’m glad to see our little Priestess is up and moving about.” Diomedes said.

(written with Adeia)

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