Thursday, December 2, 2010

(Forks, WA- 2006) Visions of Bella~ Alice

Edward had a book in his lap, the philosophy of human kind or something. It was one of those big old, antique ones he had borrowed from Jasper’s library, and he was listening to his ipod a bit too loudly. He had no idea that I was behind him with a squirt gun completely filled with water.

When I was positive, he didn’t yet know I was there, I put my plans into action and attacked him!

“ALICE!—WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!” He shouted at me, the book in his hands now dripping wet, his ipod a bit wet and Edward himself was also a bit wet. I giggled at the stunned look on my brother’s face.

“For someone who can read minds, I’m honestly surprised I could sneak up behind you.” I said holding the gun behind my back.

“ Ugh, I’m all wet!” He winced like a baby, making me laugh again.

“And wet you shall remain unless you listen to me.”

“Alice, I always listen to you, you didn’t have to squirt me. You know this calls for paybacks right?”He asked pulling a towel off one of the shelves in his room. I giggled, seeing the so called payback he was talking about. Of course, I would get the last win. I always won at everything. Being able to see the future had its quirks.

“Alright, so it won’t go well, but I’ll find something to get you back with… Oh, so you had a vision of me?” Reading my mind, he had by now, changed his shirt and laid the book out to dry along with the ipod he’d fix later. I wouldn’t have squirted him if I didn’t think he couldn’t fix water damaged items.

“About a girl, you’ll fall in love with and turn.” I said plopping down on a chair.

“That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard you say Alice. I have no intentions of turning anyone, much less falling in love with a human.”

“You say that now, but that’s not what will happen. She’ll move here soon.” I said.

“To Forks?”


“Alice, things can always change.” He said glaring at me now. I shrugged.

“It’s just what I saw. And I thought you should know.” I said pulling out the gun and squirting him again.

“Alice Mary Brandon Cullen---“ He began as I raced outta the room nearly running into Esme in the hallway.

“Alice—“ She started.

“Nooo!” I squealed as I could see Edward just nearly grabbing my shirt. He missed of course and I got him yet again with the squirt gun.

“You will marry her too!” I said before I dashed around the corner and out the doors.

(OOC: This post takes place right after the Cullens moved back to Forks, before Bella came to Forks.)

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