Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kisses and 12 dancing Princesses (Lilac Hogwarts)

The costumes and the set were simply wickedly, brilliant. The music that started was just like I imaged it would be. I had of course read the fairy tale right before the play was put on. It was a lovely little tale. 12 dancing princesses, each more lovely than the next. How couldn’t it be lovely? I sat back as the play slowly began and suddenly, I felt a very, tiny, gentle, peck on my cheek. I turned, to see Nate, shyly smiling at me. Had he just kissed me?!

He did just kiss me, my cheek was a little wet where he had kissed me, and I stared at him. Did he really like me like that? Had I always known this?  Yes, I decided that I had always known he had liked me because secretly, I liked him too. I always felt so safe when I was near him. Why had I thought he would be like the others were when I knew deep down that he wouldn’t be? I looked at him for a moment, before gently, reaching up and kissing him lightly on the cheek.

“I missed you too.” I said sinking back down in my chair then, I shyly cuddled into Nate. I looked back up at him, then tried to turn my attention to the play. I loved this fairy tale. Even though it was a Muggle one, and nothing like anything from the Tales of Beadle Bard. But it was still good.

“Nate?” I whispered.

“Um?” He asked wrapping his arms around me.

“I can’t wait till Christmas.” I said smiling up at him. Then, suddenly I remembered my mother had read this fairy tale to me a long time ago once. She would every now and then read me Muggle stories. I blinked. It had been very long time since I had thought of my parents.

“What is it?” Nate asked.

“My Mum read me this.” I said. “ She used to read me Muggle stories once in a while. “Do you think, if she was still alive, that she’d have come to see this?” I asked. After all, Nate had known my parents.  He smiled at me.

“I think she would have and your dad too.” He said softly. “You miss them don’t you?”

“Yes.” I said. “But I have Aunt Kelly and Uncle Brandon. Some kids don’t even get that when their parents are killed or die.” I said. “I guess I’m lucky in that. But I think my Grandparents would have taken me in too.”

“We would have.” Nate said matter of factly. “If no one else would have, we would have. I know my parents would have.”

“Sh.” Someone said behind us. Oops. I guess we were talking a bit too loudly. Nate and I giggled, and ducked down in our seats. We’d have to save the rest of our conversation for later.

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