Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Past three days of stuff to do

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Movie: Downton Abbey Episode 4
Mood: Awake

I have a wonderful three days off. I wasn't supposed to have three days off but by Monday I wasn't feeling very well and I desperately needed some time to myself. So I took a sick day. I felt kinda bad doing it when she had to call someone to replace me. But, I really needed me time. I think everyone needs me time once in a while. 

So anyway, during that time I went shopping to an antique store and found a wonderful set of pearl buttons that look like they're from the 1940s or 30s. And I also found a wonderful little cook book from 1919. 

I also bought the three newest American Girl books that arent technically out. They're so cute. I dont know what I still see in these lol.

The new Girl of the Year is named Kanani she's from Hawaii and just as cheerful and adorable as most of the American girls are. I had to pick them up.

During my time off, I've also started watching Downton Abbey with Maggie Smith in it. Oh it's so brilliant. I love BBC Period Dramas. It's going to be on Master Piece Theater next month and I highly recommend it.

I also made a few crafts and tried some new things. I made a bracelet out of Betel Nuts. They grow in south Asia in the Pacific ocean. And they turned out very nicely.

I also tried Quilling for the first time. Just a sample. but I think it turned out very well.

It could have turned out better but I think it did well for my first time.

Anyway, I suppose thats all. I must get back to watching Downton Abbey with Maggie Smith.

Why does every fight have to involve an American?~ Maggie Smith: Downton Abbey

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