Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pigs and friends (Lilac)

“Piggy, piggy!” I said skipping down the hallway with my little pet Teacup Piggy in toe. I was so glad that I was able to take Rosie to school with me. I scooped her up and twirled around the hallway with her. She squealed then, nibbled on my cloak when I hugged her and put her back down on her leash so she could run about the hallway.

A few people passed by and gave me a strange look, but I was used to that. People always gave me strange looks when I brought little Rosie out for a walk. Of course, people usually gave me strange looks anyway. I wasn’t exactly normal… okay I was rather geeky, odd and hardly normal. But hey, that’s why people liked me!

“I can’t believe your father got her a Teacup Pig! That’s just not normal.” Someone said near me, I turned to see Cryil with one of his friends.

“Pigs are meant for Bacon not pets!” His friend continued. I picked up Rosie protectively just in case Darren got any ideas.

“This piggy is not for Bacon.” I said and stuck my tongue out. Cryil sighed annoyed.

“Lil, Darren isn’t going to eat Rosie.” He said. I shrugged.

“How do I know?”

“Exactly! Maybe when Rosie gets slaughtered I’ll eat me some bacon!” Darren teased. I shook my head and skidded away from my cousin and his friend and right into Nate.

“Lilac! I didn’t know you had a pig.” Nate said bending down and scratching Rosie between the ears. I looked at him for fighting the urge to flee. I swallowed.

“My Uncle got me Rosie before school started. He..” I trailed off.

“Is she easy to keep under toe?”

“Yes, pigs are very good pets and really clean too. She thinks she’s a dog though.” I laughed. Then, looked shyly at Nate. I hadn’t realize how much I really had missed him. He was one of my closet friends next to Cee. He leaned up against the wall, letting Rosie lick his hand.

“She really is a sweet pig. What’s her name?”

“Rosie.” I said, making Nate laugh.

“An unusual name for a pig. I’ve really missed you Lilac.” Nate said standing up. I looked at him for a moment. Did I really want to risk this again? Being friends with a Pureblood. Would it hurt me later on? And why was it so hard for me to put this behind me? I swallowed. I knew the only way to put the past behind me was to move forward. I hugged Nate.

“I’ve missed you a lot too… It’s just that I… I… Nate?”


“Will you walk with me and Rosie?” I asked. Deciding that it was high time I started to talking to him again and taking baby steps to renew our friendship. If he was going to hurt me, he would have by now.

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