Monday, December 6, 2010

Volturi Headquarters (Alice)

He was going to try and make me feel as if I didn’t belong with Carlisle and his family. I could see that coming. He was going to try and make me feel useless, like I shouldn’t have joined him. But I could see right pass him. The only reason why he was going to do this was to get me to join him. But the only reason why Aro, who was not my master wanted me, was for my talent. Carlisle, wanted me because he loved me. He was my father and I was his daughter. Sure he didn’t turn me himself. But that didn’t matter to me. He had practically raised me as a vampire even though he didn’t know it at the time. Besides, I would miss my brothers and sister terribly if I came to Volterra. And I just couldn’t picture myself inside these dull walls. I need so much more than the Volturi could offer.

“You’re parents abanded you and left you at an asylum but you don’t remember anything about that?” Aro was asking me.  I looked at Jazz, who gently squeezed my hand. I really didn’t like the idea of this freaky ass man going inside my head. I mean it was bad enough that Edward could do it, but at least Ed wasn’t freaky like Aro.  I shrugged.

When I’m worried and I can’t sleep--- I started to hum in my mind a song from White Christmas.

“I only remember my vampire life. But don’t most vampires start have their memories of their human lives fade after a while?” I asked. “Do you remember anything from your human life?”

“My human life is very insignificant compared with my life now.”

“See? Perhaps mine was as well.” I smiled as sweetly as I could at him.

“I see. It seems as if you were not turned by Carlisle, but someone else?” I nodded. “But you don’t know who turned you either?” I shook my head.

“I woke up in an alley.” I said with a simple shrug. “I had no idea what I was or really who I was… I knew my name which was strange. But nothing else.” I said remembering back to my first days as a newborn. I had acted like any other newborn but I wasn’t really thrilled with the taste of human blood nor with the idea of acting like a monster. It wasn’t until; I started having visions of Carlisle that things began to make sense.

“So Carlisle didn’t change you the way he did the others. You came to him instead? You must feel like an outsider to the family. He’s not your real father. Your real father left you in the asylum.”

“Carlisle and Esme are the only parents have ever known. That’s good enough for me. “I said trying to remain cheerful as I said this. I knew perfectly well what he was trying to do. Then I flashed him a grin. “You know, I think you would look brilliant in a pair of jeans and a pink shirt.” That says I bite better watch out! I thought gleefully.

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