Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I have accomplished!

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Music: White Christmas
Book: Going Bovine~ Libba Bray
Mood: Chipper

While I havent been posting much here or at pan, because my novels seem to be slow, I have started another short story which I may or may not post here. I havent decided yet. Its about a cute little witch with a talking cat. Who lives in the American West during the 1800s. I havent decided the exact date yet. And I do need to do a bit more research in order to finish it. I should also make an outline. Or rather an outline of an outline lol. 

anyway, I've been doing alot of tutorials. Or trying too and I made some cute little things from these tutorials. Here is a picture of my latest crafts. 

The little octopus charm I made from this tutorial. It was fun and easy to follow too.

The tube on the left of the heart box is a tutorial I found on Threadbangers, a new favorite website I found.
Instead of lip gloss plumpers, I made chapstick with this tutorial by taking out the cinnamon, and the pigments. The only ingredients I used were honey, the base she uses and peppermint extrait. Which I happened to accidently dump all over the place. Luckily not on my laptop or ipod lol. 

The heart shaped box, was really an expermint to see if I could make a puffy top or not. This is the tutorial I used for it. I plan on making puffy top jars later on.

and the Gingerbread men I took as an idea from here.

So there you have a few things I have been making. lol. 

Here are a few extras I wanted to post. I drew a cute little Santa Kitty today. lol, it's not great as I dont consider myself a grand artist or anything but it was fun to do regardless. 


Yesterday I spent the whole day with my sister Amanda. I had so much fun too. I found Terry Pratchett's newest Tiffany Aching Adventure and a knitting magazine called Piecework with really interesting old fashioned knitting instructions. We also went to World Market and I actually found some Gingerbeer!

Gingerbeer is sorda like the British version of Gingerale only its supposed to be better, and I've been dying to try it but its naturally unheard of here in the States. Why are so many good British things unheard of here? So I was really excited to find it. I'm gonna have it tonight with some popcorn and a movie. 

Speaking of Gingerbeer, I also found an interesting add in my 1944 Calling All Girls Christmas magazine. I thought I'd share it. I would looove to have that coat in the add. Its so elegant.

Well that pretty much wraps my fun little post up I think. I better go back to crafting and doing whatever it is I was doing lol. 

Note to self: One of my favorite authors just lost half of a novel she was working on. Make sure to save all writing works on external hard drive. That is what it is for.

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