Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Amusing Ancient Egyptians (Alessandra)

I knew so little about the Ancient Egyptians. I knew of course a small amount about the Gods but having spent a life time studying the Roman Gods, I spent little time studying other gods through my well over two thousand years. Of course history was important. And I fully believed we could learn from it, having lived through a good deal of history myself. This did not mean that I studied history myself. Besides, the only history for me was ancient history. Why study something I had lived in? But if this Ancient Egyptian history lead me to finding the beginning of Vampire history, than perhaps, I would take a course in it.

I stood near Anna in the dark. Had I been human, there would have been no way I could see in the darkness of the museum, nor any of us. And sometimes, I couldn’t image being human again. Yet there was always this weariness at the thought of living for another three thousand years. All I really wanted, was death as morbid as that sounded. I had to stop myself from thinking this, or from sounding like those gothic vampires in the novels that authors wrote who thought they had vampire theory all right. When they were completely wrong. I always found these novels funny. Especially Anne Rice or Dracula. They really had no idea what being a vampire was like. How I would love to give them a run for their money.

As it was, I stood staring at a hieroglyphic that I had no idea how to read, which for once in my life made me feel very inferior, I couldn’t help but wonder and hope if this was going to be it. If this was going to save my life so to speak. Even though every ounce of logic told me that it wasn’t. I contained myself hope however.

“So this temple of Sekhmet, you believe is the key to the mystery of how vampires came about?” I asked.

“It is a great possibility.” Anna replied.

“I still don’t understand why we have to do this.” Petrus said coming out of his unusual quiet shell of late. I turned to look at him. Of everything he knew about me, I was stunned that he didn’t get why I wanted to find this temple. I turned back to face Anna. I shook my head.

“Petrus, think of the adventure in it.” I said.

“Sure if you think wandering around rotting tombs is adventurous.” Petrus said with a wave of his hand making Demetri smirk. I glared at him.

“The temple of Sekhment is inside another god’s temple then? That sounds strange. Why didn’t they just give her a temple of her own?” I asked ignoring Petrus and Demetri. “That is what we would have done. Each god had a temple of their own.”

“Well, not everyone did things the way the Romans did.” Anna replied.

“No, not everyone in the ancient world did. However, the modern world did learn things from us.” Demetri chipped in, leaning against an antique case of something or another. I had no idea what.

Anna simply rolled her eyes. We couldn’t help it if our society was superior to all others now could we? We had temples in every city built to our gods and priest and priestess with lavish housings. The temples of the Egyptians’ seemed primitive compared to the Roman ones.

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