Friday, January 7, 2011

Back home again (Alice)

“Are we there yet?” Emmett asked for the millionth time since we got off the plane. Jazz looked up in the review mirror and shook his head.

“No Em, we aren’t.”

“Are we close at least?”


“Well how much--- Hey it’s the Welcome to Forks sign!” Emmett said nearly leaping out of his seat making us all laughed. Of course we knew he knew that were in Forks. How could you not know? But it was all for the fun of it. We had to have some fun right?

“Finally. I never wanna see Volterra again.” Rosalie huffed sitting back in her seat. She actually seemed happy to be home.

“Yeah. I don’t either.” Bella added leaning a little closer to Edward.

“I think it’s safe to say that none of us do.” Edward said.

The house was very quiet. The world was quiet. It shifted suddenly and I was standing infront of our home in Forks. It looked exactly as it did when we left. Except that everything was quiet and you could tell we had not been home in some time.

The only difference was that Charlie was sitting in front of the house in his police car waiting for us. How he knew were there I had no idea. He seemed really upset. I had no idea why he was so upset. But I saw us driving up the driveway…

I blinked a few times, disconnecting myself from the vision. Edward turned to look at me and nodded.

Do you know anything about this? I asked him in my mind. He gave me a look that said no, and I sighed.

“Alice what is it?” Jasper asked. I shook my head.

“You’ll find out soon enough, I said as we rounded a bend and came up to our drive way. Sure enough. There was Charlie.

“What is Charlie doing here?” Bella asked. “Wait, Alice did you see him---“

“Yes and he’s upset. But we don’t know why. “ I said turning to her. “Brace yourself Bella, here he comes.” I said opening up the door.

“Hey Charlie, what’s up?” I asked helping Bella out of the car, which technically Edward should have done, but whatever. Why not let me do it?

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