Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bending and Secret Gifts (Lilac)

“So what are you getting Olive for Secret Santa?” Cee asked Lil as she went down in a perfect split on the ground of the Ravenclaw dormitory. Rose was sitting nearby, wiggling her little piggy nose as if she wanted to try and do the splits too. But she couldn’t, so instead she snuggled back down on the floor.

“A cute little pair of lily hairclips.” Lil answered. “See?” She asked pulling the said lily hairclips out of a cute little purple and pink tote bag she had begun to carry around with her wherever she went.

“Cute! I bet she’ll love those.” Cee was now standing on one leg and stretching the other. Rose looked up from her spot, then laid her head back down.

“That’s what I was thinking!” What did you get Professor Hodfuffer ?” Lil asked as she sat her flower clip down into a tiny white box with a sticker of a fairy on top.

“A hat.”

“A hat? That’s it? A hat?”

“Well, I don’t know anything about him, and he’s a guy, so I got him a hat. Guys like hats. That’s what I get Thomas.”

“Cee, Professor Hodfuffer isn’t your brother!” Lil exclaimed. She couldn’t believe her cousin got the Professor a simple hat.

“It wasn’t a cheap hat.” Cee was now bending over and touching her toes. She looked at Lil through her legs. Lil bent her head down to look at her cousin.

“You should have gotten him a new pocket knife or something. Maybe a bag of candy? Some new ink? But a hat?”

“Hey don’t hate the hat” Cee said standing up now and plopping on the floor in Indian style. She reached for her own tote bag and pulled out a black and silver hat with hat strings on each side. “ I had to carefully pick this hate out of thousands and thousands of hats. “ Cee put her hand in the hat and made it move up and down. “It said pick me! Pick me! Professor Hodfuffer will love ME!”

“Okay Cee, I get it you can stop now.” Lil said giggling.

“Besides it’s not like flower clips are the grandest present.”

“Grandest uh?”

“Yeah shut up. “Lil and Cee both started giggling.

“So, Is Nate coming home with us for Christmas?” Cee asked wrapping her hat in a box. Lilac blushed.

“He is?”

“Yes. He’ll be there for Christmas. But Cee, he’s not used to having lots of kids around to pester him. I hope we don’t bug him. Well, I won’t. But you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I can’t make any promises that the others will.”

“ Oh I know they won’t. But I can’t wait to see Pippa, and Aunt Kelly.”

“What about Dad?” Cee asked. Lil grew very quiet for a moment. Her uncle was a pureblood. He was from an old wizarding family that went back generations. And much like Nate, she had shied away from him. Though getting the pig helped. She looked over at where Rose sat.

“And Uncle Brandon.” She said finally. It would be good to see her uncle again. He was like a father to her. Lil put the finishing touches on her present and then smiled to see Cee that was already done with hers. “Should we?” She started to ask if they should give Olive and the professor their presents now. And Cee nodded.

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