Thursday, January 6, 2011

A bored Lily (Giulia Farnese)

Leaning up against an elegantly woven tapestry of gold and red silk embroidery, wearing a dress of much the same color, with her hair swept up in a mass of golden curls and precious pearls, Giulia Farnese, peaked out her window to stare at a pair of doves plucking the ground looking anxiously around for any worms that they may capture to bring home to their young babies.

Up above, the sky was a brilliant shade of blue with the sun poking its golden rays through white, puffy clouds, and the sounds of Cardinals chanting some place broke through the silent morning. While the world waited for its new Pope that Giulia Farnese had no doubt would be her beloved Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia.

In fact Giulia was so sure he would soon be Pope that she had begun to call him so. Thus; pleasing him greatly. She leaned out the window and threw a few crumbs of bread she had saved from breakfast for the poor doves, and then sat on the window frame. Twisting a delicate pearl necklace around her neck, she sighed, staring at her lost embroidery work. Her own work was nowhere near as good as the tapestry on the wall, or at least she didn’t think it was. Everyone loved it; however, Giulia was convinced that they were just being kind.

She gracefully, as if in a dream, glided across the bare tiled floor, of her bedroom over to where the forgotten embroidery lay and picked up. She pricked at it a bit, but then, slowly sat it back down. Oh when would Rodrigo come to see her again? She was always so lost without him near.

Just as she was about to go mad with boredom, her maid Tessa quietly walked into her chambers. The girl’s hair was slightly tussled, her dress a little wrinkled and her face just a bit flush. Giulia knew exactly where she had been.

“How is Bartolo?” She asked while Tessa bent down to pick up a pair of stockings that Giulia had flung to the floor in her boredom.

“As much as a bull as he was earlier.” The girl replied casually, making Giulia giggle.

“Has he heard anything?” Tessa shook her brown curls.

“No. Nothing has been decided yet as far as we can tell. As soon as it is, however, I shall inform you.”

“Do not worry, I am sure that Rodrigo will tell me himself. If he is not too terribly busy. Do you think he will come tonight?” Tessa smiled sweetly at her mistress.

“The Cardinal is a busy man. But never too busy for you.” Tessa gently took hold of Giulia’s hands and led her to a chair were she began to brush her fine curls. “And if he does come to visit, we cannot have him see you such a state.”

“ Yes, I supposed I let my appearance go this morning, but really Tessa, I am quite loss as to what to do with myself when you are not here. Just look at my chambers.” Giulia replied with a wave of her hand.

“You would think a five year old had a tantrum.” Tessa replied, causing Giulia to laugh.

“A five year old, did not have a tantrum, however, I nearly did. It is far too quite. Perhaps we should go into town?”

“No, I do not think that would be a wise choice. Rome may not be the safest place for us right now. We should stay here. Maybe Bartolo could come and play his wooden flute for us.”

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