Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cold wintery day

Location: Bedroom
Music: Podcastle
Book: The Edge Chronicles (Book three)
Mood: Cold

It will not stop snowing on the weekand. I think its because nature hates me or something and doesnt want me to make any money :( That is okay though. I plan on relaxing today. It looks very cold and windy out there so I dont want to leave the house though I need too. I need to go places. But alas. I shall not. 

Instead I shall sit here and read, knit and possibly work on the short story I started a few months ago that I put away for some reason and forgot about. lol. That seems to happen alot to authors and writers alike. 

Anyway, yesterday while being bored, I created a little cell phone charm for myself. Here it is!

Isnt it pretty? I am very proud of myself over it lol. Oh and today I made Toad in a Hole (Eggs in a basket or whatever) And bacon with orange for breakfast. It was pretty good. 

Well off I be to enjoy the rest of the day. 

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