Friday, January 21, 2011

Cute birdy brooch

Location: Desk
Book: The Curse of the Gloamglozer
Video: Edwardian Farm
Music: None
Mood: Hungry (Should eat soon)

So the past few days havent really been worth much. I mean they've been normal for the most part. I did get a full unemployment check. Which I mostly gave to my dad. Because I owed him the money. 

Last night I actually worked a full shift. I ended up staying until 11:15 and maybe 47$. But I still think I might quit. I have two weeks to really think about it. As i did put my two weeks in. Unemployment offices said that I could and still get my unemployment checks. Most likely. And I am just not making enough money at Dennys.

But today, I saw a cute little brooch on Esty I decided to make and it came out well. Not as well as the one on Esty. But well enough for my first time. :) here is the link to the brooch I found. And here is my brooch. I think I put the eye up too high on the birdy. :(

See, I think I did put the eye up too high. But its still cute. 

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