Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Drunken Medici (Catarina)

“I thought you would be inside with the rest.” Perio said coming up softly beside Catarina as she sat on a bench outside in the garden watching the stars dance about.

“I couldn’t stand it in there any longer. With my, what- you- call, family. They are a wretched lot. And the Pope, wants me to stay here to spy on them. Hah. Spy on my own family I should be shocked and ashamed at such a request but I dare not refuse. Besides, perhaps will bring down the Medici.” Catarina said her voice in a harsh whisper full of hatred.

“Is that what you wish little Catarina?” Perio asked wrapping his warm, strong arms around her. She nodded, and dashed a angry tear out of the corner of her eyes.

“Yes it is. The whole lot of them. They arent my family. Only my father was.” She said with a dramatic sigh. “And he is no longer in this world thanks to a certain Monk.”

“So you do blame him then?” Catarina nodded.

“I do. My father was in perfect health before started in on him. What am I going to do now?” Catarina asked looking up at Perio.

“Do, as the Pope instructed and he will reward you in the end. He always does. Catarina, just be careful about it. You do not want the wrath of the Medici on you.” Catarina laughed harshly.
“Perio, I have had the wrath of the Medici on me since I was born. Just being my mother’s daughter, has brought me the wrath of the Medici.” She hiccupped a little bit and looked down at an empty goblet.

“Are you drunk?” Perio asked picking up the wine glass. Catarina nodded, looking innocently.

“Oh, very. And wouldn’t you love to be alone in a room right now?” Catarina asked, moving in closer to Perio.

Perio laughed, gently, and lifted his drunken little friend up into his arms. “I think, we don’t need a room, to be alone in.” He said smiling, and gently caressing her cheek.

“Ooh, outside?” Catarina asked, leaning up and kissing him.

“Not, while you are drunk.”

“Why not?”

“I will not, because it would mean nothing to you.” Catarina frowned and pushed herself out of her friend’s/ lovers arms

“You think you mean nothing to me?” She asked her eyes wide and with tears.

“That is not what I said.”

“No, it is not.”

“Catarina, when you are sober again, I will come see you. Can you make it to your rooms, without passing out?”

“If I pass out before then, it is not like anyone will notice. They’d leave me there to rot, or push me over a balcony.”

Perio frowned, and lifted her back up into his arms. “Then I shall tuck you in safely and watch over you in the shadows. Until you are sober. Unless, you would like me to dump you in the fountain.” Catarina giggled.

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